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  2. Infertility Discussion
  3. Saturday, 28 June 2014
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So here is my story. I am a 24 year old female. I have been with my fiance now for just over two years. We both want children and have discussed it many times. We both agreed that we would start for our first this coming winter. When we discussed this last year I was on the pill. We have heard that sometimes it can take a while to get pregnant after stopping the pill so we decided to just get off the pill so there is no delay when trying. Even though we aren't "trying" yet we are not preventing it either.

Now its been a year and a few months since we decided to stop the pill and I am not pregnant. I have very regular periods, every 29 to 30 days. I have never missed a period in my life and they have always been very regular. I know that doesn't always mean anything and it doesnt always mean you are even ovulating. I want to talk to my OBGYN about infertility and see if my tubes are blocked or something but Im not sure where to start. My fiance doesnt think anything is wrong and that we should wait to talk to a DR untill a yea after we actually start "trying". Can I still talk to my OBGYN without my fiance being there? Will she even help me? I am now just concerned for myself and would like some answers for myself. Would she be able to do tests for myeslf to see that everything is ok with me before I drang my fiance along for testing? I feel that I dont even want to start officially trying because I just know nothing will happen.

A little background, before I stopped taking the pill I was only on the pill for about 3 months. I was with my ex boyfriend for almost five years about a year before me and my fiance met. Me and my ex were on the pill for only about a year and I stopped taking it, i was young and not very smart, but we never got pregnant either, not even a scare, still very normal cycles. People always told me that it could have been him so I didnt think too much about it untill now that its been over a year and once again still nothing. Any advice?
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Thank you for expressing your concerns regarding your fertility journey to HRC. Generally it would be best to initiate a fertility evaluation on you and your partner after one year of trying to conceive without protection. The best place to start would be a hormone and pelvic ultrasound evaluation on the third day of your menstrual cycle to assess how your ovaries are working and a semen analysis on your partner. Of course he would have to be open to coming. After that a dye test to check if your uterus and fallopian tubes are of normal shape and size would give you a good idea of what may be the delay in conception. Fertility is one of the few medical fields that require two patients working together to make it happen. So I would encourage a good conversation with your partner to explain the importance of your concerns and to come to the consultation to support you and join you in the journey. Best of luck.

Alison Peck, MD, FACOG
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