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  1. CAdams
  2. IVF
  3. Saturday, 12 October 2013
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My Husband I were referred to Dr. Norian by previous clients and have A LOT of questions. I am 39, I had a bilateral tubal ligation when I was 25 after my second child. My new husband is 37 and really wants to have a baby. IVF seems to be our only option. We are both a little nervous and excited to start this adventure together. Problem is we have no idea where to start.
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We realize that the prospect of IVF and various treatments may provoke many questions.. that is actually quite common. At each initial consultation, after taking a thorough history I spend a good amount of time speaking about the details related to fertility and to each patient's individual case while coming up with the most suitable treatment plan.

In terms of yourself, based on your age and your prior tubal ligation, IVF would be the best treatment option. You would likely be in a more favorable category given your prior pregnancies/deliveries, but a simple ultrasound and a blood test or two will help us better determine that.

Please call my office in order to schedule a time where we can sit down and help begin getting you (and your new husband) pregnant together. I look forward to meeting you!

John Norian
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