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  1. sunnysd412
  2. Male Infertility
  3. Monday, 11 March 2013
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I am a perfectly healthy 26 year old (done all the blood tests and a vaginal ultyrasound and everything looks good) and we have been TTC for 2 Years, Husband has 30 million total sperm count with 40% motility and 2% krger strict morphology. Our RE told us to "try" IUI 3x and then move on to IVF. We have no clue what the % of success of IUI is with these sperm numbers.

We don't have insurance so dont want to waste $ either on something if the chances are super low it will work.

What has been your experience with these numbers?
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DrWilcox Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Unfortunately, without IVF and intracytoplasmic sperm injection the chances for success are low. Stimulation with fertility medication is very expensive and I do not think it is in your best interest to do 3 cycles of IUI with these results. I would counsel you to consider IVF with ICSI rather than insemination. Thankfully, you are young and your chances for success are very high. Good luck.
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