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  1. Flami
  2. Out of Town Patients
  3. Wednesday, 23 March 2016
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I'm a former patient of Dr. Coffler in Newport Beach and I had a successful IVF treatment at first try, and now I'm blessed with a beautiful and healthy 9 month old baby boy. I have shared my enthusiastic experience with my brother (33 years old) and his wife (26 years old). They are facing issues conceiving a baby and they just failed their first IVF. They would very much like to be treated at HRC; the only thing is that they live in Italy and they would need to plan in advance their trip. Realistically how much time do they need in California from the first consultation to the completion of the treatment? A month? 6 weeks? More? After the embryo transfer and hopefully a positive pregnancy test, would be possible for them to go back to Italy?
Thanks you for taking time me to read and answer my question.
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Hi Flami,

So glad to hear from you. We take care of many patients that live overseas.
Our IVF coordinator will be contacting you soon and assist you, or you can contact Noelle directly at 760-758-2034 X 723.
Thank you for referring your brother, that means a lot to us. We will do our best to help him and his wife start their family.


Dr. Coffler
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  2. Out of Town Patients
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