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  1. HRC Anonymous User
  2. Gender Selection
  3. Tuesday, 26 February 2013
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Hi. I am 37 years old, my husband is 40, and we have 5 children-4 boys and 1 girl. Our youngest is our daughter which we used Microsort for in '04. My husband had a vasectomy in '07, and does not want to reverse it. We would like to try for 3 more girls, if possible. For our daughter we did the initial work-up at the Pasadena office and the IUI at the Laguna Hills office. I know we can not use Microsort again. What are our options this time around? Can you help?

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DrFrederick Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Since your husband had a vasectomy, it would be necessary to do an In Vitro fertilization cycle with a sperm extraction to harvest the sperm. This type of sperm extraction does not allow Microsort to be performed because there are too few sperm to sort. However, you can have the embryos tested with PGD, pre implantation genetics, to find out which embryo is male or female. This technique gives you 100% accuracy for gender, and a very good pregnancy rate with one or two embryos transfered. Give me a call in the Laguna Hills office to discuss the details 949-472-9446 ext 0.

Dr. Jane Frederick
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HRC Anonymous User Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
this sounds like the best option for us as well since my husband also has a vasectomy. I like the idea of only having one to two implanted since we arn't looking for triplets in fact hoping for a single birth. How much is the cost for what you mentioned above? and how long would me and my husband have to be in Califoria? Could my husband leave after retrievel of sperm? Thanks so much for your time it is greatly appreciated
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