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  1. AmandaM
  2. Gender Selection
  3. Sunday, 24 March 2013
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I would like know if the ericsson method or something equivalent is used to increase the quantity of sperm that is potentially the gender of choice, before the sperm is injected into the eggs. I realise PDG is performed on the embroys after, but are there any steps prior with the sperm to increase the changes of the embroys being gender of choice. I imagine this would also help if you had limited good eggs too.
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DrFeinman Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
The Ericsson method has never withstood the test of scientific evidence. Since there is no good evidence that it actually works, we do not offer it. In addition, it is a patented method and they actually sue people who use it without permission.
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  2. Gender Selection
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