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  1. Niloufar
  2. Infertility Discussion
  3. Wednesday, 03 December 2014
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Hi first sorry my English is weak. I'm 46 years old and I know I'm old for having normal pregnancy I had a miscarriage 2 years ago when I was 5 months pregnant .no blood no pain but the doctor said that you have infection and the baby wants to born! So they put injection on me and my baby born and died. After that I tried to become pregnant again I tried clomid but didn't have injection so my period become irregular ( my first pregnancy was natural without medication and after 3 months trying)my question is : can I get pregnant with ivf only or I must have egg donation too is it still possible to have a normal baby in my age? I'm desperate I'll appreciate your answer thank you
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Firstly, I'm sorry to hear about your history of a miscarriage at 5 months pregnant. Any miscarriage is difficult, especially one at that time in your pregnancy.

Even using the best IVF techniques it is extremely difficult for a person to become pregnant and deliver a healthy child at 46. Remember that the likelihood of Down Syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities is very high for women in their mid-40's. The pregnancy rate for a typical 46 year old woman undergoing IVF with her own eggs is about 1 to maybe 3% whereas the chance of pregnancy with donor-egg IVF would be about 60 to 70%.

For a baby, it is very important to grow up in a good environment. Moms using donor eggs have a major genetic and lifelong impact upon their children even though the DNA may be from another woman. I hope that this gives you a little more information. Best,
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