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  1. aneeth
  2. Infertility Discussion
  3. Thursday, 10 July 2014
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I noticed you have a great center but I live very far from your city.

I am 38 from India. Very healthy and have had no medical issues all my life, no infections...etc.
My partner has frozen several vials, prior to his Hep C Interferon treatment.
So we chose to do IUI.

We would like to have a child soonest possible time... this year. As I am getting older.

my tests:

AMH - 2.5
3-FSH - 4.4
Esterdiol - 30
My Periods are very regular, 32 days. Not sure when I Ovu... I noticed a LH surge on CD12.

On CD10 HSG test, was extremely painful, 1.14 mins.
Result "bilateral proximal tubal occlusion" on both tubes. Uterus and cervix perfect shape.

1. Could it be muscle spasm that the tubes were blocked?

2. Is it worth doing a second HSG test next month?

3. Should I take anesthesia to suppress pain? It was unbearable!

4. Should I consider IVF or consider surgery to unblock the tubes? If tube unblocking surgery does not get us to do IUI right away, then to me IVF would be better... in that case, should I still consider a second HSG?

5. Instead of HSG, can I do a different test to confirm why tubes are blocked?

Thank you SO much,
Please let me know.
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DrCoffler Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Hello Anee,
Your labs seem to be excellent. I would repeat the HSG first. If the tubes are blocked proximally, an interventional radiologist may attempt opening them with fluoroscopy guidance. If that works, your problem may be solved.
Good luck!
Dr Coffler
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