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  1. vivlivs413
  2. IVF
  3. Thursday, 10 October 2013
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I am a single 25 year old woman who is interested in being artificially inseminated. I'm established and comfortable in my life where i would like to start a family and I'm 100% confident I am capable and ready for this next step in my life. I do have health insurance and money is not an issue. I also have a friend who would like to help me with this journey by donating his sperm. I wont go into details on what we have discussed and decided in the long run with our hopeful offspring but with all that said, I am seeking a Dr. who would assist in this process. How should I go about this and find a Dr. who will do the insemination without questioning my personal decision? Please advise. Thank you :)
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DrNorian Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
We would love to help you with your request of insemination and to becoming pregnant! The process is actually quite straight forward for us. The first step begins with a consultation and then some basic screening tests that are required by the FDA and the State of California. They include typical pre-pregnancy labs such as testing for hepatitis, syphilis, etc... We would also need to make sure that your fallopian tubes are open with either a specialized ultrasound (saline sonogram) or an X-ray (hysterosalpingogram).

In terms of using your friend as a sperm donor, this is possible, but it would add complexity. He would need to have a full panel of screening labs and go through several other steps. I would love to speak to you about some of these details at our initial visit.

Best of luck!
John Norian
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