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  1. ramatu
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  3. Tuesday, 25 November 2014
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more light about IVF In vitro fertilization.
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Thank you for your interest in HRC! IVF, or in vitro fertilization, is the process in which a woman's egg are removed from her ovaries by a small vaginal surgery and mixed with sperm in our laboratory. The process helps couples create or fertilize their embryos outside the body so that the doctors can return the embryo to the uterus a few days later. IVF was originally started to help couples suffering from infertility because their fallopian tubes were not open or present. Today there are a variety of reasons patients opt to use IVF and benefiting. Some examples include male factor infertility, pelvic scarring, failed conservative therapies, advanced reproductive age or embryo screening. We would be happy to help you explore if IVF is right for you! Happy holidays!
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