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  3. Tuesday, 26 February 2013
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Hello, we have 3 boys and wish to balance our family with a daughter. We live in NZ. Can you advise how long we would need to travel to the states for? And what the costs would be? Also, what is the success rate for ivf/pgd for a couple with no history of fertility problems? Can you ship unused fertilized embryos to nz?
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DrNelson Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
If you have a local quality fertility clinic than much of the pre-cycle diagnostic evaluation could be done there, along with the early treatment cycle monitoring. In that case your duration of stay in the US would be approximately 14 days. The success rates for IVF depend upon your age. In general if you are 35 or less the chance is 60%, 35-38 years old is 50%, and 38-40 year old is approximately 35-40%. I would want you to call our clinic at 626 440-9161 to get accurate cost estimates. We can potentially ship embryos. I hope this helps. If you would like more detailed information than please give our office a call and would be happy to discuss this with you in greater detail.
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