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  1. Trista
  2. Gender Selection
  3. Friday, 22 May 2015
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I'm 26-years old and interested with my husband (28-year old) for gender selection, and would like to have a baby boy in our family after 2 girls. I'm at the moment pregnant in our second child which will be a girl and would like to ask how early can I do IVF+PGD when I have given birth and if I do not nurse? Is it true that after giving birth there is more chance to have IVF success in the first cycle? If I decide to go for this IVF process and if I produce, for example, 10 embryos at one cycle, and in our case we would like to have boys, is it possible to use some kind of sperm separation and there would be more y-sperm to fertilize the eggs and this is so there would be more embryos we want and we could this way reduce wasting embryos? If it is possible to do sperm separation between x and y, what kind of method do you use? And after this sperm separation if you do, I know you do the PGD test so that the result for the gender is almost 100 % sure. I ask for this sperm separation because I would not like to have to waste so many embryos.
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Hello Trista,
Once you give birth and feel ready for your next baby, all you need to do is schedule an initial consult and we'll walk you through that process. I am not aware of higher pregnancy rate after a recent pregnancy, though.
We don't use any sperm separation techniques as none are FDA approved for use in the US. We can decide upfront how many eggs we fertilize and avoid wasting many embryos.
When you are ready, please feel free to call my office to schedule your consult, and I will gladly assist you.
Dr Coffler
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  2. Gender Selection
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