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  1. Munoz
  2. Infertility Discussion
  3. Sunday, 14 December 2014
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I have been trying to get pregnant for maybe 1 year and nothing. I really would like to know what options I have to get examined. I would like to know if I am able to get pregnant or not.
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DrPeck Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
It sounds like you are asking he right question! After trying for a year of unprotected intercourse around your ovulation and not becoming pregnancy, it is time to be checked by a fertility specialist to see why you have not conceived. We would be happy to help you and you are not alone. It is best to start with evaulating your hormones and ovaries around the beginning of your period, checking your uterus and fallopian tubes, and having your male partner have a semen analysis. If you do not have a male partner, we would direct you appropriately to a sperm bank. All of these tests can be done at our office. this is the best place to start, whether you proceed with a treatment or just want to investigate your options. Please contact us to set up a consultation and help you discover what is happening.

Warm regards,
Alison Peck MD FACOG
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