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  1. lrhzurich
  2. Out of Town Patients
  3. Tuesday, 21 October 2014
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Hello. We are a couple living in Switzerland looking to perform an egg donation cycle in California. We are 33(husband) and 32(wife) and have been diagnosed with Diminished Ovarian Reserve. We have failed 2 ICSI attempts in the last year. We currently are working with Beverly Hills Egg Donation to look for a potential egg donor and were recommended your clinic.

Due to work constraints, taking time off to come to LA for the full treatment might be difficult. What is the possibility of yourselves working with our current RE ( i.e. for scans, medication) in Switzerland and us coming over for the final leg of he treatment ( fertilization and transfer)?

We are open to discussing how we can make a plan. Also, it would be great to get more information about your Refund Guarantee Program. Thank you.
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This is something that we could arrange! It would be even easier to set up if we proceeded with a frozen embryo embryo transfer, so that we could have the dates precisely set up. Our success rates with frozen cycles are wonderful especially when working with donor oocytes (eggs).

If we wanted to do a fresh embryo transfer, this could also be set up; however, it would require more flexibility with your schedule. For either treatments (fresh or frozen transfers) a baseline and interval ultrasound could be performed in Switzerland with your RE's there. I would likely want to perform the final ultrasound myself regardless to ensure that your lining is ideal. At a minimum it would require that you would be in Southern California for approximately 7 to 8 days (ultrasound, then start progesterone with estrogen treatment, then transfer 5 days later, then 2 days of rest).

In addition, prior to most any transfer cycle, I like to evaluate the endometrial or uterine cavity with either a diagnostic hysteroscopy or sonohysterogram. This may be performed in Switzerland, even though I typically like to do them myself.

I look forward to meeting with you. I hope that this helps.

Best regards,
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