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  3. Sunday, 03 March 2013
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My history I am 35 and all test show nothing is wrong with me. My husband was fixed and we got him unfixed 3 years ago. Test show his sperm are normal but most have trouble trying into the egg. We have done 4 IUI's. We started off with over 20 million sperm and last month on our last IUI he was down to just under 5 million. I have decided I want to try IVF. I know its cheaper to purchase two IVF up front in case the 1st doesn't Work. My question then is it better to do 2 fresh IVF or do 1 IVF and then a frozen one.? Does the fresh vs frozen have the same percentage rate at success? Or does it go down because its frozen?
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DrWilcox Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
The two cycle program is designed to allow you two fresh cycles of ivf. This has the advantage of allowing you to accumulate frozen embryos for future attempts to conceive. Most young patients will have 4 attempts with the 2 cycle program giving them an excellent opportunity to conceive.

Dr. Wilcox
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