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  1. HRC Anonymous User
  2. Gender Selection
  3. Tuesday, 26 February 2013
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we would love to have a son in our family for family balancing reasons. we have two beautiful girls aged 3,and 6 months and we would like you to give us some information for the following points:
- the process, costs and time involved for IVF/PGD.
- as we live in the other part of the world (Middle East), how long we would have to be in the USA?
- what can be our success rate considering we had no problem conceiving in both pregnancies and considering our age (I'm 36 , my husband 43)?

-We would like to know if possible we can start the test & analysis part of the procedure here before heading to the US.

many thanks

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DrTourgeman Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Hello Angel - We often have patients from abroad that seek our help for just this reason. Provided that you can do some initial tests in your hometown, your time will be limited in Los Angeles to about 2 weeks. The likelihood of conception in your age group is generally above 50%, with an accuracy of having a boy of 99%. To discuss the procedures it would be best to have a phone or Skype consultation. For costs we can direct you to our financial counselors. Should you like further information or to schedule a time to further discuss please feel free to contact me at 310-481-0881 or any of our other offices.

Best, David Tourgeman, MD
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HRC Anonymous User Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Hello Doctor,

thank you very much for your quick response.

I would like to know what are the initial tests which we can do here before going to US as I'm still breastfeeding, how much time I need after stopping the breastfeeding to start the procedure?

thank you

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