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  1. crybaby
  2. IVF
  3. Tuesday, 22 March 2016
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I was wondering if IUI would be in option for me before jumping to IVF. I have had two excision surgeries for stage iv endo. The first surgery indicated possible SIN in my tubes as well as adenonymosis. My right tube was blocked and my left tube was opened during surgery. I then had a second surgery after 4 months of Lupron and the surgical notes indicated that my left tube was still open while my right tube was still unable to be opened. There was no note of SIN or adenomyosis at that time. I am wondering if we should pursue IUI or go straight for IVF. My insurance will cover IUI but not IVF. I also had an endometrioma removed from my left Ovary. Thanks !
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I would recommend against IUI given your history of two prior excision surgeries, stage IV (severe) endometriosis, SIN, and prior tubal re-canualization. I like that you have been suppressed with Lupron after your recent surgery. I think that IVF will offer you the highest success. The success with IUI, particularly given your unique history, would be very limited (less than 2 or 3% per cycle likely). It would be ideal to do an IVF cycle while the endo is still 'cooled off' from the surgery and the lupron.

Hope this helps. Please reach out to me and my team for your future care.

John Norian
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