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  1. aneeth
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  3. Monday, 29 June 2015
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Hello Dr.,

I am 39, and have a 5 day BBB blast ready for FET transfer. I asked my RE to do an Endo Scratching to improve the odds of implantation. The RE did it on Day 13. and asked me to call in Day 1 to start FET cycle. Online research indicate, Endo scratch should be done between Day 19-21... ie. 4-5 days before AF.

I asked the RE again if I should do another scratch around day 21, but he said it wasn't necessary,
I am worried... your comments?

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DrNorian Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Thanks for your detailed question! I wish that I had better randomized studies in order to counsel you best about this. I myself tend to do the scratching during the cycle immediately prior to the FET. I tend to do it between 4 to 6 days prior to a person's menses or withdrawl bleed if on OCPs.

The mechanism of action in terms of why the endometrial scratching may improve implantation rates has not been fully worked out. Whether it removes small polyps not seen on saline ultrasound or whether it helps recruit stem cells to the endometrium have both been proposed.

One study even suggested multiple scratchings in the cycle prior to FET while another proposes if I'm not mistaken doing the scratching during the early estrogen stimulation time period of the given FET cycle. Thus, whether Day 13 vs Day 19 - 21 endometrial scratching makes a significant difference is largely unknown.

I hope that this helps. If I find any other convincing data, I'll make sure to re-post another answer.

Best regards,
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