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  1. monicafav
  2. Infertility Discussion
  3. Thursday, 12 February 2015
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I had my tubes tide in 2001 then in 2003 i had an Endometrial Ablation Procedure. I have been to two different doctors and they both tell me it is impossible for me to get pregnant again that I am just waisting my time and money. I have talked to several women in my situation and they have been able to get pregnant and had succsesful pregnancies. They just tell me I need to find the right doctor that would listen to me and want to help me. I just need to rebuild my uterus and get it healthy again to be able to carry the baby. Is it possible???
I did the Ablation because I had very heavy periods and I had already had my tubes tides after my second daughter. I was in an abusive marriage for years and didn't want any more children and never thought I would get a divorce. After 17 years i finally left and got a divorce, now I am 38 and found a wonderful man and remarried and we would LOVE to have a baby of our own. Its just very heartbreaking that because the decisions I made in the past every doctor I go to tells me its impossible to get pregnant and every time I leave their offices i leave heartbroken. I thought I would give it one more try and leave it in gods hands. Please help :-(

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You chance of getting pregnant will depend on how damaged the uterus is after the ablation, and whether your normal cycles have returned. I recommend you get a consultation right away with the specialist who can do some testing to help you.
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