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  1. arielm4
  2. IVF
  3. Saturday, 05 October 2013
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I'm a 34 year old female a military wife with two kids.I am looking into being an egg donor. I am 5'1" blonde blue eyes healthy non smoker. Am I too old to donate? How do I begin the process? I am very interested in helping other families.I am happy with my own and want other's to have a chance as well.
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Hi and thank you for your questions,

We do not have our own egg donor program within HRC Fertility, but rather work with several agencies who do. More generally, in order to become an ooctye (egg) donor women typically are 32 years of age or younger, healthy, and with a largely uncomplicated family medical history. Prospective donors undergo a very thorough screening process which additionally includes an infective disease screening panel that is mandated by the FDA. Please feel free to contact my office and my team will give you the names of several agencies that we work closely with. Being an oocyte donor is a wonderful way to help others struggling with infertility!
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