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  3. Saturday, 14 November 2015
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I am 43, and have one child. We are looking to have IVF with donor eggs. Do you specify an age limit for donors? We found one we like who is 30 but with no previous history of pregnancy/donation. As we are travelling from the other side of the world, we need to maximise our chances. Is this donor possible, or should we be looking for younger?
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Typically we recommend using egg donors who are in their 20's who are healthy themselves and with a largely healthy family history. She should have good ovarian reserve testing as well [favorable AMH level (ideally greater than 1.5 ng/ml, some people like a bit higher) and a favorable antral follicle counts (ideally greater than 12)] with regular menses. If your 30 year old donor has favorable testing, she may still be an optimal woman to work with.

As an aside, I don't love when women are too young (less than 23) or who have very significant PCOS (high numbers of resting follicles and very high AMH levels).

Hope this helps and please feel free to reach out to me directly. We often care for people living abroad.

John Norian
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