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  1. LiisaN
  2. Out of Town Patients
  3. Sunday, 18 May 2014
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My husband & I are interested in your egg donation programme as we have been unable to have a child due to my age. I have had multiple early stage miscarriages (natural & 1×IVF) but ultimately my eggs are too old. Can you please advise on best communication options, what medical information you need, and how we would go about organising this. I have been through full screening and assessment (so has husband) and the only other issue identified is adenomyosis which i believe would be addressed through suppression of my cycle prior to any transfer.I look forward to your response.Liisa.
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Hello Liisa,

Thank you for contacting HRC and we look forward to helping you. HRC has been fortunate to provide care to patients interested in egg donation from around the globe. The best was to get started is to set up either a skype, phone, or in office consultation by calling (818) 788-7288 or (866) 472-4483 and press 1 for our Encino office. Any pertinent medical records on you and your husband will benefit your consultation and should be sent prior to your appointment time so we can review them. During your consultation we will review what further fertility testing or evaluations you will need and help you organize a treatment plan. Your uterus will likely need to be further evaluated prior to any transfer depending on the severity of the adenomyosis. Often some of these tests can be done near your home, others we may recommend you have done here. We look forward to hearing from you.

Best of luck,
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