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  1. Anony12
  2. PGD
  3. Wednesday, 05 November 2014
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Hi there,

I have a few questions regarding genetic testing on embryos and if I were to transfer my embryos to the SRC lab what would your recommendations be:

I currently have 4 frozen day 3 embryos - 2 good and 2 fair quality. In addition to this I have 10 frozen eggs (varying quality at least 2 were of good quality). I am almost 39 years old.

1) Is it possible to defrost the eggs, fertilize these and then genetic test them along with the 4 embryos that I have, so that I can just do one batch test of all the embryos?

2) Which day would the embryos need to be grown to in order to do genetic testing on them? (some of the embryos were frozen with only 4 cells) If the embryos are assessed as not being great quality would you still recommend doing genetic testing? Or is this perhaps more of a reason to do genetic testing?

3) Would the embryos/eggs-embryo need to be refrozen between receiving results back from CGH test and having them transferred? If so, is this something you would recommend doing?

4) What kind of CGH testing would you recommend - what is the difference between array CHG and metaphase CGH testing - do you offer both and what would be possible to do in my situation?
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DrFeinman Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
You can have the eggs fertilized and defrost the embryos for testing at the same time. The biopsy is done at the blastocyst stage (day5-6). Please keep in mind that no all the embryos make it to this stage and at your age, (no offense), most of the embryos will be abnormal. Thus, you may not have a large number of normal embryos for transfer. We could arrange to do the transfer when we get the results so we do not have to re-freeze the embryos. Microarray CGH is the standard for PGD. If you would like to discuss this plan in more detail, please call 818-788-7288 to schedule a phone or skype consult with me.
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