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  2. Infertility Discussion
  3. Monday, 04 March 2013
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Hi Drs,

This is more of a technical question to which I'm getting two inconsistent answers from two different ob/gyns that I'm seeing.

I understand that during mid-cycle cervical mucus is of the more fertile variety and can be detected at the vulva.

1. However, one ob/gyn indicates that the cervical fluid at the vaginal opening would not act as a conduit or path to the cervix whereas the other ob/gyn states that the mucus at the vaginal opening would act as a conduit to the cervix. Which is correct?

2. I understand that the vagina is inhospitable to sperm due to acidic content. But this doesn't make sense if what the second ob/gyn says is correct.

3. I perused D. Mortimer's text "Practical Laboratory Andrology" where he states at page 28 that the vaginal pool of semen probably plays little or no significant role in sperm transport for several reasons, but his third reason is that vaginal spermatoza are quickly inactivated - sperm exposed to the vaginal environment for 35 minutes are incapable of negotiating the cervical mucus. This suggests to me that my first ob/gyn is correct in cervical mucus at the vaginal orifice not being a straight conduit to the cervical opening.

What are your views?
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DrCoffler Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Dear Vancouver,

I am not aware of any human study showing that the cervical fluid at the vaginal opening would act as a conduit to the cervix. This may be different for other species, though.

Hope this helps.
Dr Coffler
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