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  1. melsida
  2. IVF
  3. Sunday, 11 May 2014
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I am 44. I failed my IVF at age of 42. I tried an IUI at age of 43. I gave up after that. But a friend of mine who is 45 now, a year older than me, after numerous attempts had her first baby with IVF a year ago, she just found out that she is pregnant again, without trying or planning for the second child. This started me again. I have no known medical issues whatsoever that prevents me from getting pregnant, due to the nature of my work that required a lot of travelling(I got married at age of 39) natural way of trying was inconsistent. the only reason I was told IVF won't help me is because of my age. I have always been healthy, no smoking, no drinking, no surgeries...Will you recommend another IVF for m? What is your success rate for ages 44, if any.
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DrCoffler Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Hi melsida,
Pregnancy with IVF in your age group is very rare, and as long as you understand that, you are welcome to give it a shot. Prior to attempting IVF, there is a work-up and informed consent process during which your chances will be individually assessed.
Hope this helps,
Dr Coffler
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