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  1. mthfrivf
  2. IVF
  3. Wednesday, 25 September 2013
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Hello Dr.

I had a healthy ivf pregnancy and healthy delivery 8 years ago, however when trying for baby #2 four years later with FET(at 28), I became pregnant with twins but developed a subchorionic hematoma which led to an infection and an urgent D&E at 15 weeks. It was then that I was diagnosed with mthfr(double mutation). I understand that currently most doctors are not treating pregnant women with mthfr with blood thinners. Is your clinic aggressive at treating this condition or do you guys take the conservative route(baby aspirin and vitamins)? Is subchorionic hematoma a symptom of mthfr? I'm now 32 years old and contemplating a new cycle but afraid to have another loss:/

Please share your opinion.

Thank you!
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DrCoffler Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Hello mthfrivf,
HRC does not have a policy as a group regarding management of these type of conditions; it is up to you and your RE to come to an agreement on that.
If I was in your RE's position, I would respectfully address your concerns and discuss with you management options that would keep us both comfortable. The goal would always be a to obtain healthy and a safe pregnancy.
Dr. Coffler
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