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  1. nleon
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  3. Sunday, 20 September 2015
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I am 39 and my husband is 45. His sperm is not motile, but we are otherwise healthy. We tried IVF twice; the first time I had a clinical pregnancy and the second time I had an ectopic pregnancy (this was my second ectopic. My first was years before]. In this second ectopic, they removed the left fallopian tube. Would we be good candidates for IUI with a sperm donor? Thank you for your help with this question. Sincerely, Nicole.
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Hi Nicole,
As long as your other tube is healthy, donor sperm IUI is definitely an option. Due to your history of 2 ectopic pregnancies, you are at a very significant risk of a recurrent ectopic, and probably more so with IUI than with IVF.
Hope this helps,
Dr Coffler
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