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  1. Ginger
  2. IVF
  3. Wednesday, 10 February 2016
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Does your clinic have an age limit for donor egg recipients?
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DrGhazal Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Dear Ginger-
Thank you for your question. There is no set age cutoff for women to use donor eggs. However, if you are thinking about using donor eggs to carry a pregnancy yourself, it is important to understand that the risks associated with pregnancy increase as women get older, particularly over age 45. We would perform a thorough evaluation to determine whether it is safe for you to get pregnant and to make sure that your uterus is healthy enough to carry a pregnancy. Gestational surrogacy is another option if pregnancy is not right for you.

I encourage you to call our office (714-738-4200) and set up an appointment to learn more about the process and to see which option is best for you.
Best of luck.
Sanaz Ghazal, MD, FACOG
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