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  1. Yuli
  2. Gender Selection
  3. Monday, 12 December 2016
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Hi , my husband and I are wanting to start trying for our first baby. We really dream of having twin boys. Since I'm a twin myself. I heard it's a greater chance of conceiving twins. What treatment would you recommend and how effect is the gender selecting ? Thank you
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Fraternal twins tend to run in families. Identical twins do not. We consider twins a complication of treatment, not a desired outcome. Twins have a higher rate of prematurity and cerebral palsy. They also create a challenge to your lifestyle. The use of “fertility drugs” carry the double issue of no guarantee of getting more than one, and the risk of higher order multiple births, if you do. IVF is safer, as it limits the risk of triplets, if you only put in two embryos. However, many of these pregnancies end up as singletons. An expensive process for nothing, at that point.

We would suggest giving nature a try and enjoying the blessing of childbirth with whatever the Lord provides.
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