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  1. Jennifer L
  2. Male Infertility
  3. Thursday, 04 August 2016
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Hello. My husband and I would like to have one or two more children before I'm too old (I'm 38). He had a vasectomy about 8 years ago. From researching online it seems that IVF would be our only option, is that correct? If so we live in Fullerton, CA would everything be done at that office? Would it be possible to chose the gender of our baby? Would it be possible to have twins?
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Dear Jennifer-

Thank you for your questions. After a vasectomy, IVF is the best option to help you expand your family. With PGS testing, we can screen for chromosomal abnormalities and we can also screen for gender so you can factor this information into your decision of which embryo(s) to transfer. We can complete all diagnostic testing and monitoring in Fullerton and the IVF procedures (egg retrieval, embryo transfer) would be performed in Newport Beach where our lab is located.

Please contact my office to schedule a consultation (714.738.4200), and we can go over the process in detail. I would be happy to help you grow your family!

Dr. Ghazal
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  2. Male Infertility
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