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  3. Saturday, 02 July 2016
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After many traumatic years of failed IVF treatments, in Australia, we are in the very early stages of exploring gestational surrogacy in California as a pathway to becoming parents.

By way of background, we have frozen embryos at a clinic in Melbourne and would prefer to export and use these (if this is possible). They were created and frozen in 2014 & 2015.

Could you please advise whether your clinic has experience in using embryos which have been imported from Australia as part of a gestational surrogacy arrangement?

Thanks in advance.
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DrPotter Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Our experience will depend on your age when the embryos were frozen and the quality at the the time they were frozen. We have had very good success with good quality embryos from Australia. We use the same cryopreservation technique as the leading clinics there is rarely a problem with the thaw phase.
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