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  1. HRC Anonymous User
  2. IVF
  3. Tuesday, 26 February 2013
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Me (Age:29) & my husband (34) do not have any fertility issues.I had 1 failed ivf & got pregnant with FET. During the FET, we transferred 3 6 days blasts & one of them was already hatching. I am now pregnant (6 weeks 4 days) with 2 sacs. Doctors are saying that both the sacs are empty (blighted ovum) & I will miscarry soon.

I know we have very good chances of success if embryo is hatching naturally. Do you see naturally hatching embryos at 5 days in your lab if we decide to go with your clinic? We produce lot of good quality embryos. If they don't start hatching themselves on day 5, can we grow them to day 6 to increase chances of our success?

Thank you in advance for your response.
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DrCoffler Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
We often see hatching blasts on day 5 and we also often grow embryos to day 6 if they are slow to progress.

Please feel free to call my office should you like to schedule an initial consult.

Dr. Coffler
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