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  1. jgold77
  2. IVF
  3. Friday, 10 October 2014
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I have one child and would like to have another. I will be 45 in three weeks. I have never had a hard time getting pregnant, I have, however had several miscarriages. Two before a successful birth of my son, and two after the birth of my son. The last one in 2012.

I went to see my doctor today on the third day of my cycle for an ultrasound. I only had two resting follicles. Is IVF a waste of time and money? Am I better off just having sex with my husband with so few follicles and hoping for a miracle? Are chances of me having a successful live birth at this point really only 1%? Also, are there any medications to help increase follicles for my next cycle?

Lastly--I was told not to waste my time with PGD as my uterus at this age will self correct any abnormalities. Also, are there any risks to the baby with PGD?
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DrTourgeman Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Hi JGold-Indeed age dictates the integrity of the egg (not the uterus). The egg will be the one that orchestrates DNA organization, which will ultimately dictate the normalcy of the embryo(s). Unfortunately, while IVF success is possible at 45 it is less than ideal (around 1%), which is why the discussion of egg donation would also be prudent to have with your doctor.
Best to you,
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slaterms10 Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
I have a friend in a similar situation. She is 46 and has a surrogate ready. Is IVF even an option given her age?
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