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donor program

Agas In
Hi We are Australians seeking information on your donor egg IVF program. Can you please help with the following questions: * is the donor's identity kept secret for all time? * Can the donor ever be allowed to contact the child? * Do we have input into the choice of the donor or their characteristics eg age, background? * what physical and mental health checks does the donor go through? * ...

1st cycle failed IVF with ICSI

Hello. I'm a 27 yr old female. Went through 3 failed IUI's last year with clomid 50 mg producing 3-4 mature follicles and ovulation confirmed via US. 1st failed IVF cycle just completed. Used PGD testing and ICSI. Folistim 250 and menopur 75 units with 9 eggs retrieved. 8 fertilized and only 2 made to 5 day blast with abnormal chromosomes with ch. 5 & 6 deletions. My main concern is cost. W...

minimal stim IVF

Hello, I am 39, I have 4 children naturally conceived (all 4 times we got pregnant the first month of trying). I had my tubes tied after 4th thinking we were done, but we've changed our minds and would like one more son. We have gone through 3 cycles of IVF. First cycle (LA6 protocol) we retrieved 3 eggs, 2 mature, none fertilized. 2nd cycle (LA8 protocol), no eggs retrieved. 3rd cycle (LA10...

Gender selection with 5 day old frozen embryos

Hello, I am from Canada and currently have 8 frozen 5 day old embryos. I was wondering if u take patients who have embryos already and if u do can u perform gender selection on these eggs prior to transfer?...

Short Luteal phase of only 5 days

Hello, We have been ttc for 9 months. We have two children already that were easily conceived. My youngest is 5 and I am 35, my husband is 40. My luteal phase is only 5 days and I feel as though that is the reason we are not conceiving. What would a fertility doctor do for this? Thanks...

Obstructive Azoospermia

I was diagnosed with Obstructive Azoospermia (Congenital absence of Vas Deferens) , and testicular biopsy showed Normal to Mild Hypospermatogenesis. We believe our option is IVF-ICSI with sperm retrieval , and we are interested in your Fertility center , and we have two questions: Will you be able to provide us with references to do the sperm retrieval? Have you done such process (IVF-ICSI with...

Age Cut Off

Hello, I'm 46 years old and have relatively regular periods. I am ovulating according to the Ovulation Kits. My FSH is in the low 20s. Husband 46 w/ lower motility and poorer morphology. My question is would your doctors consider working with us using Natural IVF - do you have an Age / FSH cut off? We have had no fertility treatments. We are from out of town. Do you do a phone consult?...

aCGH for Gender Selection

Hello dr., for the purpose of only gender selection ,is PGD is better than aCGH ? Heard that aCGH cant detect gender as reliably as PGD with FISH. Also, aCGH to be performed on day3 or day5 embryo? Regards Divya...

Mini IVf Costs, Clomid side effects, FSH vs AMH

So I actually have several questions. I am 37, and have tried and failed at 4 IUI's. I was on clomid 100mg and was only having about 2-3 follicles each cycle. My FSH is 8.6, but my Gynecologist doesn't know what an AMH test is. Could my failed IUI's possibly be the clomid thinning out my uterus? I have been on it for about 8 months. Also, my friend recently had a successful mini IVF, first...

Ivf with sperm donor

Janexc In
Hi I am 31 years old. I am not currently in any relationship but want to have a baby as time is passing me by. I dont want to go randomly sleep around with guys so am interested in IVF. Can you tell me what the proper steps are that I need to take. Also would the cost in this case be lower? I don't have any infertility problems....

Success Rates for IVF with Male Infertility

Hi, I was wondering if (on average) success rates for IVF due to a male issue are higher than success rates than IVF due to female issues?...

what are my options

I'm 42 years old I have 2 children from previous marriage. I had a irreversible tubal ligation at 31. My question is what are my options for having a child. Having another baby would be a blessing....


Hello, I would like to know if your clinic is experienced with pregnancy through surrogacy, and if you provide or affiliated with an agency that can match us with a surrogate mother. I am from outside the US and would like an email address I can contact to get more information. Thank you very much!...


My boyfriend is in Texas until September 29. Can I still get treatment?...

Gender selection after Tubal Ligation

We have 4 boys and I thought I was finished having kids after trying the 4th time to have a girl but getting another boy, so I got a tubal ligation. It's been a year now since my Tubal and I still really want a girl. I'm not sure how I can go about achieving this now, do I need to have a reversal or can I do it another way? Or is it too late? I just turned 36 and feel like time is running out....

2 boys want a girl.i

I am a 30 year old with two boys. I got pregnant with both boys on the first try. We can't afford more than three kids so I need to make sure this is a girl. We aren't interested in twin girls. What would be the cost? We are located in Pasadena, CA. Would our work or would I need microsort? We can afford about $13,000. Thank you!!!!...

Gender Selection cost

Hi I live in Vancouver, Canada and I am currently pregnant with another boy and I have one boy already. Thinking of this treatment in a few years but just wanted to know the costs. I am 29 years old and no infertility problems. Dreaming of having a daughter one day!...

Egg Freezing

I am 37 years old and a low responder. My AMH is .45 though FSH and estradiol are all normal. I also have had three miscarriages and an ectopic that was so aggressive, I had to have both tubes removed. My most recent IVF cycle resulted in another MC. The products of conception were tested and the embryo was chromosomally normal. I'm too exhausted to try IVF for a while but need to preserve my fert...

Problem with suppression, need new options~

I am having a problem becoming successfully suppressed and need some advice. Quick history, I've had 7 ivf cycles with my own eggs, none successful. Switched to donor eggs and had one blighted ovum and one live birth. I've always had problems with endometriomas producing hormones during suppression but it was never insurmountable. Had an FET in Feb that was not successful. Now trying to go back fo...


How can my wife and me have kids If I get retrograde ejaculation?...

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