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infertility issue

Dear Sir /Madam, My name is Faisal , I am from Saudi Arabia and I live in Bay Area now . I have friend who live in saudi arabia and he has infertility . He could not find any proper treatment for his case in Saudi Arabia .So, He asked me to find a doctor in America can provide a treatment for his case . He sent all his medical documents including the test blood result and medical repo...

Question about PGD/CGH

I read that array CGH has the ability to examine all 23 pairs of chromosomes for genetic abnormalities. Do any of/all of the HRC facilities use this method of PGD? Thank you....

Infertility questions

Hi doc, If tubal conditions are uncertain with very minimal dye actually seen in both tubes with no spillage per hsg, what should be done next? Is laparoscopy the best idea? Would it be ok to go straight to fertility treatments at this time? Is it still worth a try with iui despite tubal conditions are inconclusive and no further study (as insurance cover iui only)? Thank you ...

semen analysis

Hi Doctor: Does semen WBC > 1 million/mL possibly cause infertility problem and needs to be treated? And, does low semen volume of 1ml affect infertility, if sperm counts and morphology are all normal? Thank you....

Who can speak Chinese?

Hello,we are a Chinese couple and plan to go to the U.S. in Dec. Because our English is not very well,we are trying to find a Clinic who has someone speaking English. Do you have? Hope we can be your patients. Best Julia...

Have lots of questions

I am 44 years young and would really love to start a family What are my chances of getting pregnant at my age? I will be 45 in December. My husband of 3 years has a low to none sperm count. so this is our next option to do IVF or what would you recommend? I want a baby more than anything! Please help me Tanya...

Embryo adoption (FET)

To Whom it May concern, I'm a 41 year old single African American female that has been suffering from infertility for years. I had surgery in 2008 to remove part of one fallopian tube and the other one was repaired. In April of this year 2013 I saw another infertility doctor and, after testing, discovered I have poor ovarian reserve and had both tubes removed. The doctor recommended that I ei...

Barrier: Vasectomy

My husband is 48 years old, and had a vasectomy almost 10 years ago. We met and got married 2 years ago, and now want to have a child. I am 32 years old. I've done a lot of research, and the more I research, the more confused I become when looking at reversal vs. IVF vs. TESE/PESA/MESA and a million other options. How do my husband and I decide? Cost is important to us, as we are not supe...

How can I get inseminated with a donor ready to bat....

I am a single 25 year old woman who is interested in being artificially inseminated. I'm established and comfortable in my life where i would like to start a family and I'm 100% confident I am capable and ready for this next step in my life. I do have health insurance and money is not an issue. I also have a friend who would like to help me with this journey by donating his sperm. I wont go into d...

Newcomer with lots of questions

CAdams In
My Husband I were referred to Dr. Norian by previous clients and have A LOT of questions. I am 39, I had a bilateral tubal ligation when I was 25 after my second child. My new husband is 37 and really wants to have a baby. IVF seems to be our only option. We are both a little nervous and excited to start this adventure together. Problem is we have no idea where to start....

questions - one blocked tube

Dear Doctor, I'm suffering from second fertility with no problem conceiving my first child. My insurance covers diagnostic labs but not treatments, and I'm about to look for outside treatment options. Me: early 30s, day 3 FSH 7.3, estradiol level 30, AMH 1.9. HSG showed one sided blockage / possible hydrosalpinx (no hx of infection that I know of) Husband: semen volume 1mL, semen WBC...

egg donation

Hello I'm a 34 year old female a military wife with two kids.I am looking into being an egg donor. I am 5'1" blonde blue eyes healthy non smoker. Am I too old to donate? How do I begin the process? I am very interested in helping other families.I am happy with my own and want other's to have a chance as well....

Egg Freezing

Kyla In
How many visits does it take to freeze eggs? What is the cost per visit? Is storing the eggs a one time free or a monthly/yearly charge?...

blood thinner and mthfr.

Hello Dr. I had a healthy ivf pregnancy and healthy delivery 8 years ago, however when trying for baby #2 four years later with FET(at 28), I became pregnant with twins but developed a subchorionic hematoma which led to an infection and an urgent D&E at 15 weeks. It was then that I was diagnosed with mthfr(double mutation). I understand that currently most doctors are not treating pregnant ...

PGD Neurofibromatosis

Can PGD be used to select embryos that do not have neurofirbomatosis?...

Gender Selection FET

We have two beautiful girls from a donor egg cycle in 2012 at HRC in Pasadena. We are thinking about getting pregnant again using our frozen embryos but would like to do gender selection for family balancing. Is it possible to use PGD for gender selection on day 3 frozen embryos? If it is possible can you briefly explain the process? Thanks...

donor program

Agas In
Hi We are Australians seeking information on your donor egg IVF program. Can you please help with the following questions: * is the donor's identity kept secret for all time? * Can the donor ever be allowed to contact the child? * Do we have input into the choice of the donor or their characteristics eg age, background? * what physical and mental health checks does the donor go through? * ...

1st cycle failed IVF with ICSI

Hello. I'm a 27 yr old female. Went through 3 failed IUI's last year with clomid 50 mg producing 3-4 mature follicles and ovulation confirmed via US. 1st failed IVF cycle just completed. Used PGD testing and ICSI. Folistim 250 and menopur 75 units with 9 eggs retrieved. 8 fertilized and only 2 made to 5 day blast with abnormal chromosomes with ch. 5 & 6 deletions. My main concern is cost. W...

minimal stim IVF

Hello, I am 39, I have 4 children naturally conceived (all 4 times we got pregnant the first month of trying). I had my tubes tied after 4th thinking we were done, but we've changed our minds and would like one more son. We have gone through 3 cycles of IVF. First cycle (LA6 protocol) we retrieved 3 eggs, 2 mature, none fertilized. 2nd cycle (LA8 protocol), no eggs retrieved. 3rd cycle (LA10...

Gender selection with 5 day old frozen embryos

Hello, I am from Canada and currently have 8 frozen 5 day old embryos. I was wondering if u take patients who have embryos already and if u do can u perform gender selection on these eggs prior to transfer?...

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