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ICSI/Sex Selection - Egg Donation Program

Dear professionals My husband (Age 58) and I (Age 39) had 4 failed cycle of ICSI (1 with PGD- resulted in 4 xx (chromosomes) abnormal embryos). We have been told my eggs are likely to be of poor quality. My husband's semen analysis come back with motility 45% / abnormal forms 89% / agglutination 20%. We are now considering to go for Egg Donation Program - ICSI/Sex Selection (wants a boy xy) O...

PCOS treatment for young wife

Dears We have a problem that my wife 24 years old have PCOS and we are married from two years , we have visited a lot of doctors in our home country and the treatment was ( metformine + infertility medications ( clomid ) ) and until now my wife have not get pregnant . Now we are in anaheim as students and we are searching for a treatment that is not expensive is there any suggestions , note ...

Trying to decide what to do next

Hi there! My husband and I are on our 14th cycle of trying. I am 26, he is 30. He is a veteran, so gets his health care through the VA. In July he had a semen analysis done at their lab, most all of his numbers were below normal (8 mil concentration, 3 mL volume, 36% motility, 3% morphology, liquification >1 hr, WBC >1mil). The VA is not used to dealing with fertility related issues, ...

Transport of embryos from Canada

Hello, I just turned 39 years old. I have a 5 year old son through IVF. I am healthy, and all of my tests were unremarkable. My husband's sperm was clumping. I got pregnant through IUI, had a miscarriage and decided to go straight to IVF. Then before my son turned 1, I was pregnant with another beautiful son, naturally. Now we are thinking about having a girl, and I am wondering if my embryo...

Transporting frozen embryo from one center to HRC

Salon In
I currently have one "good" quality frozen embryo stored at a center in Beverly Hills but would like to transport it to HRC in order to attempt a fet there. Is it just too risky to transport from one location to another? Is it possible to do this? Thanks!...

robertsonian translocation

What is the success rate of PGD for patients with robertsonian translocation? For oversea clients, how much time do we need to finish one cycle? Are there any ways to reduce the total cost? Thank you very much....

embryo adoption

Do you provide embryo adoption for healthy women over 50 years old? Thank you....

mini ivf

suzy In
43 yrs old female, husband has low sperm count and low motility. had three ivf cycles and icsi By Dr. Feinman. two were successful.wondering if mini ivf is an option for us? if yes which day of menstral cycle is the best time to schedule an appointment? I would prefer an answer from Dr. Feinman. thanx...

Diabetes, Male Fertility & RPL

I am 35 and have had several early miscarriages. We have been trying on our own for 6 years and have done 3 IUIs--one resulting in a chemical pregnancy. I have been thoroughly tested by 2 Endos and other than a very slightly arcuate uterus, (tiny septum was removed) and obesity (working on losing weight) my infertility and inability to maintain a pregnancy past 9 weeks is unexplained. When trying...

gender selection

I want to become a single dad by choice I have always wanted a little girl is gender selection an option for me?...

Can I book flight one year in advance?

We live in the uk and it is only possible to travel to the u.s in August time but we could stay up to a month. I see on the internet that flights and condos/holiday apartments are being zapped up quickly. I realise that this is a busy month so do you think that it wld be sensible to book flights and accomodation now? We have three children conceived naturally without problems....


Hi, I'm just wondering... for the purpose of gender selection, is it better to do PGD-FISH or aCGH? Which would you recommend? I've heard some sources say that PGD-FISH is 99% accurate with gender selection and aCGH is only 90% accurate with gender selection? How true is this?...

when can i start my PGD treatment

I am now expecting my second daughter,and would like to balance my family. Also i want my children's ages are close to each other, when can i start my PGD treatment? Thank you...

tubed have been tied since 2001

I got my tubed tied in 2001. Been divorced 4 years and now I have met an amazing man whom I want to have kids with i am 39, he is 46. Is ivf possible?? Is it pricey?...

Should I consider PGD

Esqwee In
37 yr old, unexplained infertility, husband has "super sperm" (no kids) IVF #1, 7 eggs, 6 fertilized, 3day transfer of best three embryos (none were A+ best quality, 1 was B- medium quality. Negative IVF #2 8 eggs, 7 fertilized, 5 day transfer of best three embryos (one was A- pretty good quality, other two were medium quality or average). Chemical pregnancy. I've never had m...

Abnormal morphology

My husband and I have been trying to conceive naturally for 16 months. He was just diagnosed with abnormal morphological semen. We have a healthy 4 year old that was conceived naturally within 2 months of trying. I have a few concerns before we start to discuss our future plans for conception. What is our next step in our journey(what type of specialist)? Is this something that is permanent or can...

PGD - Gorlin Syndrome

raeds In
Does PGD test for Gorlin - abnormal PTCH gene? Is this standard or must it be requested?...

HSG, both tubes blocked

Hi, I noticed you have a great center but I live very far from your city. I am 38 from India. Very healthy and have had no medical issues all my life, no infections...etc. My partner has frozen several vials, prior to his Hep C Interferon treatment. So we chose to do IUI. We would like to have a child soonest possible time... this year. As I am getting older. my tests: AMH - 2.5...


Hey thanks for talking to me im 23 years old and I wanna be a mother I really would love to try iui and see how its goes!!...


1. Can you let me know the schedule or what steps should I have, assuming I start process in this September? 2. And how much cost? Thank you. Edited by JS - 15.07.2014 19:37...

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