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Fuguring out if i can get pregnant

I have been trying to get pregnant for maybe 1 year and nothing. I really would like to know what options I have to get examined. I would like to know if I am able to get pregnant or not....

infertility due to chromosome 9 inversion

Is there any way to get pregnant with normal bay if the husband has chromosome 9 inversion (heterozygous)? What is the chance for him to have normal sperms? IS it possible to select normal sperms in vitro?...

Empty Follicle Syndrome

I would be an out of town patient to your office but after researching this topic online your site appeared to have the most research. I just had my first IVF procedure and the results were devastating. While I had 105 follicles the RE was not able to get one egg (even dead, immature, etc.). Obviously my husband and I were in shock after the procedure and didnt have a chance to discuss things w...

I really need help

Hi first sorry my English is weak. I'm 46 years old and I know I'm old for having normal pregnancy I had a miscarriage 2 years ago when I was 5 months pregnant .no blood no pain but the doctor said that you have infection and the baby wants to born! So they put injection on me and my baby born and died. After that I tried to become pregnant again I tried clomid but didn't have injection so my peri...


I have had 6 failed IUI's. How do I know if IVF is what I need to do or if IUI's will work for us. Mild male factor, low morphology, me: stage 2 endo, low AMH, age 40. Also should I try mini IVF or would the chances of success be too low? Thank you....

Egg transfer

Rgreen In
Hi there. I had egg transfer in Pasadena on the 19th November and was wondering if I am able to take baths? I am getting mixed reviews from Mr Google. Thank you....

good day

more light about IVF In vitro fertilization....

Max age you work with

I unsuccessfully tried IVF three times with my own eggs when I was in my mid-40s. I will be turning 55 soon and my husband is 57. We would like to try with donor eggs. I went through menopause when I was 53. Is it too late for us?...

44 soon to be 45--is IVF worth it?

I have one child and would like to have another. I will be 45 in three weeks. I have never had a hard time getting pregnant, I have, however had several miscarriages. Two before a successful birth of my son, and two after the birth of my son. The last one in 2012. I went to see my doctor today on the third day of my cycle for an ultrasound. I only had two resting follicles. Is IVF a was...

CGH testing on frozen embryos

Hi there, I have a few questions regarding genetic testing on embryos and if I were to transfer my embryos to the SRC lab what would your recommendations be: I currently have 4 frozen day 3 embryos - 2 good and 2 fair quality. In addition to this I have 10 frozen eggs (varying quality at least 2 were of good quality). I am almost 39 years old. 1) Is it possible to defrost the eggs, fert...

partial hysterectomy

Hi, I had a partial hysterectomy roughly 6 years ago. I am 38 years old. My new husband and I would like to have a child but realize a surrogate would be necessary. My concern is quality of eggs and the process. What test are necessary to determine the viability of my eggs?...

Post vasectomy options

My husband has had a vasectomy about a year ago. I understand that our options for another child at this point would be IVF with ICSI. My question is what type of sperm aspiration procedures do you offer at HRC, specifically the Encino office (PESA, TESA etc.)? Also, is he under anesthesia or are you able to do the procedure with just a local? Thanks...

Semen collection

Collecting the Sample: I am having trouble collecting sample using masturbation. I read that a special semen collection condom can be supplied, is that true? If one uses a surgical procedure such as microsurgical epididymal sperm aspiration (MESA) or testicular sperm aspiration (TESA), will that result less than normal quality sample?...

Gender selection with natural IVF??

Hi, I am looking at natural IVF with surrogacy because I had seizures post birth around the time of ovulation which were linked to pregnancy hormone levels. I desperately want a little girl. Due to dangers of pregnancy for me, we need to look at surrogacy and I would prefer natural IVF due to my reaction to hormones. Is natural IVF with PGD and surrogacy possible?...

From Zurich, Seeking Treatment Options in LA

Hello. We are a couple living in Switzerland looking to perform an egg donation cycle in California. We are 33(husband) and 32(wife) and have been diagnosed with Diminished Ovarian Reserve. We have failed 2 ICSI attempts in the last year. We currently are working with Beverly Hills Egg Donation to look for a potential egg donor and were recommended your clinic. Due to work constraints, taking t...

gender selection

hello, my name is Ani and i wanted to find out if some insurance do cover gender selection. i would like to have twin boys is that possible with the treatment? than you!...

Gender selection for family balancing

Hi i am pinky live in Sydney, Australia, i would like to discuss the full procedure, duration and the cost for gender selection for family balancing, i have 19 months old healthy baby girl and i do not have any infertility problem, i am dreaming that i will get a baby boy as in my family history there are more girls and very few boys....

gestational surrogacy

Ku In
My brother and his partner are acquiring a donor egg and I would like to be the gestational surrogate. I will be 55 at the time the donor eggs would be ready, but I am in excellent health and had 2 smooth pregnancies without complications 20 and 22 years ago. Is this a possibility? Is there testing I need to do to confirm?...

TESE procedure after vasectomy

We are considering doing IVF with PGD for family balancing in 2015. My husband had a vasectomy in Dec. 2013. I understand that he will need the TESE procedure. He is 31 and I am 27 years old with 3 sons conceived naturally. Are there any supplements that he should take (Cyvita?) other than a multivitamin, or are they not necessary since we are doing TESE and ICSI. Curious since we wont be able...

egg sharing

wondering if this office does egg sharing to help cover costs?...

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