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From Australia

Hi. I'm interested in traveling to US for gender selection. I have frozen embryos, and understand I can have them sent to US to be thawed, PGD tested and transferred back. What happens to the other embryos? Can you refresh them?...

Ivf treatment after cancer?

Dear Doctor I am 51 and have been on the lupron shots for over 5 years, because of having breast cancer at the age of 43. I would like to know if i could be a candidate for IVF treatment?...


Hi! I am struggling and so is my RE. We have twins from our first IVF (rescue icsi) 5 years ago and have been trying for another baby for over two years, undergoing two more IVFs, and FIVE embryo transfers of 1-2 embryos. Our last transfer was fresh. From our third IVF, i had 32 eggs retrieved, 27 mature, 25 fertilized. we transferred a 6AA and almost 6AA, it was almost full hatched. We had a...

PGD Testing of AAA graded embryos

I recently had a AAA graded embryo that was sent for PGD testing. The cells showed No data. The embryologists received the no data results and unthawed the embryo to retrieve more cells in order to test once more. The second test showed No data as well. Is it possible that this AAA grade embryo is abnormal causing the No data results? Or is it just as possible that this embryo is normal. I am 41 y...

Fertility question

I am trying to find out what I need to do in order to get tested for fertility. What is the first step for me to get this process started?...

IVF schedule for overseas patients

Hello, I'm a former patient of Dr. Coffler in Newport Beach and I had a successful IVF treatment at first try, and now I'm blessed with a beautiful and healthy 9 month old baby boy. I have shared my enthusiastic experience with my brother (33 years old) and his wife (26 years old). They are facing issues conceiving a baby and they just failed their first IVF. They would very much like to be trea...

Endometriosis and IVF

Hello, I was wondering if IUI would be in option for me before jumping to IVF. I have had two excision surgeries for stage iv endo. The first surgery indicated possible SIN in my tubes as well as adenonymosis. My right tube was blocked and my left tube was opened during surgery. I then had a second surgery after 4 months of Lupron and the surgical notes indicated that my left tube was still ope...

Unicornuate uterus

I just had a failed FET with PGS 6aa normal embryo. My RE thinks it is because of my unicornuate uterus. My lining was 9 a week before transfer. My RE is pushing a surrogate. But are there any other options to increase my chances of implantation? I'm 38 years old. I was thinking about an endometrial scratch, embryo glue, low dose aspirin regimen or an endometrial receptive array? I'm just not unde...

Gender Selection for Family Balancing using frozen embryos

My wife and I have 5 boys and we are considering doing gender selection for family balancing to have a girl. Is it possible to do IVF at home in Australia and then ship the frozen embryos to the US for PGD/PGS? If so how long does this process take and is it possible to have them implanted immediately following test results to avoid having to refreeze? Obviously we would travel to the US for ...

Age Limit For Donor Egg

Ginger In
Does your clinic have an age limit for donor egg recipients?...

want a baby

I am a healthy 57 year old. My husband and I are interested in having a baby. I am a professor and my husband is a doctor, and we both have lots of love to offer for a baby....

Best protocol for bad embryo quality

sanda In
Hi, I just failed IVF #1 due to poor morphology and quality of the embryos with antagonist protocol using Follistim, Menopur and Ganarelix. All were PGD abnormal. For round #2, my RE is recommending the Long Lupron protocol. Is this the best protocol to help with egg quality? My RE wants to use a higher dose of Menopur and lower dose of Follistim, but I thought too much LH in the Menopur can cau...

can you get pregant after menopause

I'm almost 50 and with a younger man. I'm in menopause. Can we still get pregnant with his sperm and an egg donor/IVF?...

My miscarriage news

Hi-my name is Kimberly. I'm 23 and have been TTC since March 2015. I got pregnant in July but miscarried 6 weeks later after a lot of pain and bleeding and visits to my primary doctor. When I went to see an OBGYN, they didn't tell me not to get pregnant right away, and I had another miscarriage in November. I'm trying to take care of myself this time, but I'm feeling bad and cry about the two misc...

Gender selection UK Mum - procedure and costs

Hi There, I've been reading about Dr Potter on line in various news pieces. I am a Mum of three beautiful boys but I would love, love to have a girl and so would my husband. I am 38 in August so am fully aware I should get on with having another baby if we want to. We tried with our middle and youngest sons to have a girl by 'swaying' and clearly it didn't work. I don't want to risk h...

Moving Frozen Embryos for FET cycle

sam786 In
Hi, I currently live in NJ and moving to Irvine, CA next week. I have 2 frozen embryos available from my previous IVF cycle. I want to know if I can move the embryos from my clinic in NJ to HRC safely. ( I am interested in Newport Beach location) Are there any risks involved in moving the embryos? What is the process of moving them and how soon the FET cycle can be started? Sam...

Hello Doctor,

Hello there, I have a question and I hope I can find the answer with you. My husband was diagnosed with very low HIV, and we want to have children. Can your clinic do a sperm wash? I look forward to hearing from you soon. Anna...

Cgh vs ngs

sanda In
Hi, what's the difference between PGS techniques and advantages of one versus the other?...

Donor characteristics

I am 43, and have one child. We are looking to have IVF with donor eggs. Do you specify an age limit for donors? We found one we like who is 30 but with no previous history of pregnancy/donation. As we are travelling from the other side of the world, we need to maximise our chances. Is this donor possible, or should we be looking for younger?...

gender selection

Hello! I am 28 years old and interested in gender selection. I live in Los Angeles. My husband and I are both healthy and we don’t have fertility problems We already have a 2-year-old baby girl, and now we want to have another baby boy. I heard that IVF is not good for a mother’s body, retrieving eggs is super painful, and that a mother needs to take injectable fertility drugs before the retrieval...

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