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How can my wife and me have kids If I get retrograde ejaculation?...

Spinal Cord Injury

Is There A Way For Man With A T12 Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury To Have Kids?...


very low testestron 120 out of 600. what is the chanse of recovery...

No longer using OCP and Lupron?

We attended Dr. Feinman's seminar in Encino this week and found it quite informative. He had mentioned during the Q&A session afterwards that his IVF protocol rarely requires OCP and Lupron these days. Is there a reason for this change?...

International Patients

Do you take them? I'm from Sydney, tried and failed IVF, our fertility specialist still went ahead with trying to get me pregnant, although our reproductive systems are not in well working order. Finding donors is just purely difficult, and no other clinics are helping us in the matter. We are very interested in going through the embryo donation road. My husband and I have travelled to ...

Reasons for Gender Selection

I don't really see a lot of information on here about couples seeking gender selection for reasons other than genetic disadvantages and family balancing. For instance, are families eligible for PGD if they have a girl, and want another girl? Or, is this considered "wrong"? Thank you in advance for the information!...

Non LA Resident

I have been doing my research re: success rates of all ivf clinics in the US and the best is HRC Encino. I would like to schedule a consultation for an IVF cycle but I do have questions regarding logistics. I am interested in going to the Encino location. If I become a patient, will the doctor give me a schedule of monitoring/ultrasound visits so I may schedule flights in advanced? I am thinking ...

PGD on day 5 embryos

Hi Dr, with PGD on day 5 embryos do ALL embryos that have made it to day 5 get tested? If not what is the criteria? For example with the information below what would/would not be tested on day 5? what blast stage(very early blast, morula ....) Grading? 1,2,3 Number of Cells the embryo contains Thanks for your help....

IVF Cycle Plans

I remember that HRC has a 1, 2, and 3 cycle pricing options, but I cannot locate the webpage on HRC's site that lists these costs. Can you direct me to the url? Thank you in advance, RobinH...

PGD - Fragile X

I wanted to find a doctor who had the most experience with PGD due to fragile x. Any recommendation would be helpful....

Are Your Clinics Using IMSI?

Hi, I was wondering if you are using Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injections (IMSI) before ICIS at your clinics. Look forward to hearing back from you, thanks....

water broke at 13 weeks 6 days

i was put on progesterone supp cause levels were a little low ... then stopped taking them at approx 12 weeks when doc did ultrasound and all was great ..., 8 days later i had very light spotting of pink , went to emergency room to get checked out - ultrasound results looked great - no issues - then went home about 4-5 hours later i had a big gush of clear fluid my water broke no blood . then abou...

Increasing Gender Changes Prior to Inseminating Eggs

I would like know if the ericsson method or something equivalent is used to increase the quantity of sperm that is potentially the gender of choice, before the sperm is injected into the eggs. I realise PDG is performed on the embroys after, but are there any steps prior with the sperm to increase the changes of the embroys being gender of choice. I imagine this would also help if you had limit...

my tubes but want to have Baby.

I am 37 years old and my tubes are tied and now i want to have another baby. But my last child is 7 years old. Will i ever have one more....

Was Raped as a teenager and caught hpv

I was raped as a teenager and caught HPV. I went though freezing treatment and never been preagnant even though in my early 20's wasn't carefull with my then partner. Could this have affected my chances of getting preagnant?? I am now 4 moths away from my 35th birthday and the only time I suspected to be preagnant was right after rape, I think I had a miscarriage, could HPV treatment affect the ...

First time doing IVF, and 38

I am really interested in IVF, but looking for a dr's point of view. I had a tubal reversal when I was 33, I ended up pregnant to fast which put me in the hospital, and I lost the tube, and baby. After that I went on to get pregnant 3 other times, but ended in tubal pregnancies. What do you think dr.?...

MFI (low everything) and IUI Success

I am a perfectly healthy 26 year old (done all the blood tests and a vaginal ultyrasound and everything looks good) and we have been TTC for 2 Years, Husband has 30 million total sperm count with 40% motility and 2% krger strict morphology. Our RE told us to "try" IUI 3x and then move on to IVF. We have no clue what the % of success of IUI is with these sperm numbers. We don't have in...

Questions Related to Gender Selection

Dear HRC : Hi, I have several questions for you. 1. The cost is ower than TZ Fertility. The gender selection of TZfertility is around 20000 USD. Is there any techiqune different between you ? 2. The travel days for gender selection of TZFertility is 8 days. Is it needed for 14days for HRC ? 3. I am from Taiwan. Do you have the name list for local monitor center in Taiwan ? 4. I already ha...

Thin Lining

Hi, I'm 31 and I've had 2 IVF cycles with ICSI. My last cycle ended in a miscarriage. All of my pre-cycle testing was normal. My husband had TESE to freeze his sperm so we can use it for both cycles. With both cycles I've had a thin, but pretty (triple lines) lining. My last cycle (which ended in miscarriage) I had around 5.5 lining when I went in for the 3 day transfer and I had 5 good embryos...

2 Day Transfer

How many cells is an embryo supposed to have with a 2 day transfer?...

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