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  1. Rainy
  2. Infertility Discussion
  3. Thursday, 08 February 2018
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Dear doctor,

I have had 2 miscarriages last year. First one was a chemical pregnancy and second one fetus stopped growing at 6 weeks ( we saw the heartbeat but it was measuring small and after 2 weeks nothing could be seen.

I did some labs and here are my results> Day 3; AMH 4.84ng/ml, FSH 6.1 miu/ml, lh 2.6 miu/ml, estradiol 50 pg/ ml. Any treatment do you recommend ? Thanks
Accepted Answer
DrChavkin Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Deary Rainy. Thank you so much for your question and I am so sorry to hear about your two miscarriages. Before I can recommend any treatment I would need to make sure that your pregnancy loss work up has been completed. We need to figure out if there is anything specific causing your problem and then see if we can treat that specifically. If the issue remains unexplained as it does in a number of cases then we could discuss some empiric therapy that we might want to consider. I'd be more than happy to discuss your specific case with you in detail. Please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you'd like to speak further.
-Dr. Chavkin
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