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Our California Fertility Center Staff

At HRC Fertility, a Los Angeles fertility clinic with eight convenient locations, we have 12 fertility doctors — all of whom are leading specialists in reproductive endocrinology. The fertility doctors practice at HRC Fertility's fertility clinics in Encino, Fullerton, Laguna Hills, Newport Beach, Oceanside, Pasadena, Rancho Cucamonga, Westlake Village and West Los Angeles.

The combined expertise of HRC Fertility's 12 fertility doctors in diagnosing the causes of infertility and creating individualized infertility treatment plans is unsurpassed by any other advanced fertility clinic. Every HRC fertility doctor (reproductive endocrinologist) completed a Fellowship, which involved extensive research and clinical studies, including training in delicate microsurgical techniques. These Los Angeles fertility doctors and their clinical staff meet daily to discuss each patient's fertility treatment and prognosis, providing every patient the benefit of the combined expertise of HRC fertility doctors and staff.

HRC Fertility is world-renowned as an infertility research center. Some of the HRC Fertility patients are involved in clinical research protocols that will help lead to the next major breakthroughs in fertility treatment.

Because of the skill and commitment of the fertility doctors and the advanced reproductive technology employed at its Los Angeles fertility clinics, the IVF program at HRC Fertility has a long and very successful history with impressive IVF success rates. By offering patients the most advanced reproductive techniques, as well as basic infertility treatment, HRC fertility doctors succeed in their commitment to offering patients every fertility treatment option in order to achieve their dreams of building a family.

Dr. Boostanfar, MD, FACOG
Dr. Boostanfar, MD, FACOG
Dr. Coffler, MD, FACOG
Dr. Coffler, MD, FACOG
Dr. Feinman, MD, FACOG
Dr. Feinman, MD, FACOG
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Dr. Frederick, MD, FACOG
Dr. Sanaz Ghazal
Dr. Ghazal, MD, FACOG
Dr. Bradford Kolb
Dr. Kolb, MD, FACOG
Dr. Nelson of HRC Infertility - Los Angeles
Dr. Nelson, DO, FACOOG
Norian Bamboo 2.27.13
Dr. Norian, MD, FACOG
Dr. Alison Peck
Dr. Peck, MD, FACOG
Dr. Daniel Potter - HRC Fertility Doctor
Dr. Potter, MD, FACOG
Dr. John Wilcox - HRC Fertility - Pasadena, California
Dr. Wilcox, MD, FACOG
Dr. Tourgeman, MD, FACOG
Dr. Tourgeman, MD, FACOG

We are proud to report that as a result of our treatments several thousand babies have been born across the United States and around the world.