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For 10 heartbreaking years, Crystal had been trying to get pregnant. She'd already been under the care of three other fertility doctors before seeing Dr. Norian. Her previous physicians had recommended she undergo intrauterine inseminations, which did not work.

"None of them could help us," recalled Crystal. "It was frustrating." But then Crystal changed health insurance plans and learned that Dr. John Noroan was part of her network. That changed everything.

After reviewing her history, Dr. Norian ordered an MRI. He discovered Crystal had a rare condition called didelphus uterus, a uterine malformation where there is a double uterus. The MRI showed that Crystal's left uterus was not fully grown and her right uterus was only 80 percent developed.

Dr. Norian recommended that Crystal and her husband start IVF. Twelve of her 14 eggs fertilized and eight embryos made it to to the blastocyst stage, so the couple had several opportunities for frozen embryo transfers (FET). Still, it was a difficult road. After her first cycle failed, Crystal conceived naturally but tragically miscarried. She experienced a chemical pregnancy on her second cycle. Fortunately, FET cycle number three resulted in the birth of baby boy Victor Jr. in May.

The busy new mom wouldn't trade her experience for anything and advises other women to continue searching for a solution to their infertility issues. "Please don't lose hope, and try to find the right doctor," added Crystal. "There aren't many doctors who are as conscientious and truthful as Dr. Norian and his staff. He kept his promise to get me pregnant and we are forever grateful."

Thursday, 22 June 2017

HRC in Rancho was the 3rd facility we had tried. And 3 times is definitely the charm when it came to Dr. Norian and his staff. Other than the fact that I have Crohn's Disease, we were pretty much diagnosed as unexplained infertility. After 2 Clomid treatments, 1 iui, 1 failed IVF transfer, we were at a loss. But Dr. Norian and his staff definitely helped us feel loved and supported during the hard times. They really cared about our journey and that compassion is what helped us get through.

During the 2nd transfer, we conceived our beautiful twin son and daughter. Dr. Norian really is experienced and knows what it takes to keep your pregnancy stable. I don't think it would have been possible without his suggestions of going through with the PGS testing and also staying on the baby aspirin throughout the pregnancy.

I had a somewhat tough pregnancy but we were able to have a big healthy daughter weighing in at 7lbs 9.5 oz and son at 6lbs 11 oz! They also made it to 38 weeks gestation! Full term twins! And we owe it all to Dr. Norian and his staff. #God'sHelpingHands is what I like to call them. 

The Tims Family
Friday, 19 May 2017

After trying for almost 3 years to get pregnant and finally being diagnosed with PCOS, my old gynocologist referred my husbad and I to Dr. Norian.  We couldn't have asked for a better fertility doctor.  He is very compassionate, thorough, answered all our questions perfectly and was available at any time we needed an answer.  His staff is just as wonderful.

We successfully got pregnant through our second cycle of IVF.  Even though the first cycle was unsucessful, Dr. Norian remained optomistic during the second cycle. We now have a beautiful baby boy that was born June, 27, 2016.  He is our miracle thanks to God and the help of Dr. Norian.

Leah Lopez
Friday, 05 August 2016