After traveling the world, Jackie and her husband were finally ready to settle down and start a family. Jackie throught having kids would be easy, but after a year of trying, she still wasn't pregnant. She thought that maybe, like her older sister, she might have polycystic ovarian disorder (PCOS), who had conceived twins through in vitro fertilization (IVF). But after seeing Dr. Jeffrey Nelson for a consultation, testing showed that her husband suffered from male factor infertility. "We decided to proceed with IVF after a round of intrauterine insemination (IUI) failed. My sister didn't have a good experience with her infertility clinic, but we felt fortunate to have found a very responsive facility with a compassionate staff. Also, our insurance covered 80 percent of the costs. Unfortunately, my sister had to pay for the full cost of her treatment." Jackie responded well to IVF, and became pregnant with twins on her first cycle. She had blood clot issues early in her pregnancy, and Dr. Nelson put her on bed rest for six weeks. "There was a strong likelihood I was going to lose those babies, but the issue fortunately resolved by the 12th or 13th week of my pregnancy. Dr. Nelson was calm and reassuring, and I wanted to keep him as my obstetrician. My experince with HRC Fertility has been the complete opposite of my sister's experience." Her IVF experience was challenging and an emotional roller coaster, but Jackie was relieved only to have undergone it once to have her twins. Jackie's advice to other women is to go to the best physician and clinic they can find because, as she says, "Fertility treatment is one of the things you can't skimp on in life, and trusting your doctor is really important."
Friday, 15 December 2017

Noel Sm

After 13 years of trying to get pregnant, Los Angeles residents Noel and Javier Hernandez finally found success at HRC Fertility/Pasadena and Dr. Wilcox. The couple started trying for a baby as soon as they got married. "We always thought it would happen when it would happen," said Noel. "We never did anything to prevent pregnancy. Plus, I was a late-in-life baby, so I didn't think being an 'older' mother was unusual." However, nothing happened for the couple.

Around their 10-year wedding anniversary, they started to get serious about their baby-making plans. When Noel was 39, they underwent fertility teseting, but nothing significant was found that could explain their inability to conceive. At the time they had Kaiser insurance which covered diagnostic and treatment services except for in vitro fertilization. Their one round of intrauterine insemination did not work, so they decided to take a year off to pursue natural fertility approaches. By 2016, however, they found themselves ready to pursue IVF, both emotionally and financially. Javier's father had passed away, inspiring them to start a new life for their family.

Because cost was a consideration, Javier and Noel decided to shop around for an IVF clinic. Explained Noel, "We only consulted two doctors. I found HRC Pasadena online and the office was convenient to where we lived. The other doctor's IVF lab was far away. Plus, Dr. Wilcox didn't charge a consultation fee, which made our choice easy."

Dr. Wilcox ran some more tests on Noel, which indicated she had a low egg supply. He advised she undergo several stimulation rounds, which resulted in one viable embryo after genetic testing. Today that lone embryo is Noel and Javier's little baby, Lucas Sequoia Hernandez.

"Dr. Wilcox was wonderful, as was everyone on his team, from the nurses to the administrative staff," recalled Noel. "Any questions or concerns were addressed by phone or email. The nurses walked me through the injection teaching, which was overwhelming, even offering me a much-needed refresher. I knew I was in good hands with Dr. Wilcox and his staff." Noel realizes her experience was unique, especially conceiving on her single round of IVF. She waited a long time to become a mother and feels fortunate she and her husband are a couple who can finally be called parents.

Noel and Javier Hernandez
Tuesday, 15 August 2017

As she describes it, Nikki D. was pushing 40 when she first started trying to have a baby. Newly married and ready to become parents, she and her husband were successful in getting pregnant soon after they married in 2015. Unfortunately, she miscarried early in her pregnancy, the result of a genetic abnormality. Nikki's OBGYN was concerned she might miscarry with subsequent pregnancies. The couple knew they had no time to waste and decided to seek the help of a fertility specialist.

Her general physician recommended Dr. Jeffrey Nelson, who had successfully treated her. "If Dr. Nelson was good enough for my doctor, he was good enough for me," Nikki said.

Dr. Nelson conducted testing on both partners and concluded that Nikki's age was a factor in their infertility. Dr. Nelson suggested they go undergo IVF. Though they were initially leery, Dr. Nelson was calm and reassuring. The couple had three viable embryos after genetic testing and he advised that they transfer one and not risk twins or their chances for other cycles.

Dr. Nelson was right. Last December, their son was born. Nikki appreciated how Dr. Nelson explained the treatment process so thoughtfully, going out of his way to explain each step so there would be as few surprises as possible.

Dr. Nelson's calm, steady demeanor came to the rescue when Nikki was four weeks pregnant and started bleeding on a Sunday afternoon. Panicked, she called the HRC Fertility answering service. Dr. Nelson returned her call within five minutes and reassured her, describing what could possibly happen. He saw her the next day and, fortunately, everything was fine.

With the benefit of her experience, Nikki advises her friends to seek help as soon as they suspect an infertility problem, always recommending Dr. Nelson. She tells friends in their 30s to freeze their eggs; if they are near or in their 40s, she urges them to go straight to IVF with Dr. Nelson if they can. Nikki is savoring both the responsibility and the joy of motherhood. Even though she and her husband now live in another state, they have returned to Pasadena and Dr. Nelson to expand their family, using the remaining frozen embryos Dr. Nelson wanted to store for future cycles.

Nikki D.
Thursday, 06 July 2017

Maria had her first baby at age 41. She concedived the little girl naturally, but only after experiencing the heartbreak of two miscarriages. Though she realized she was considered "advanced maternal age," she had embraced motherhood and wanted to give her daughter a sibling. So she tried to get pregnant again.

"With each passing year, I knew it would be harder to conceive," said Maria. "After another miscarriage, I pursued treatment at a local clinic, where I had four unsuccessful IUI cycles. Then I decided to consult with other infertility specialists, including doctors at HRC Fertility. I'm glad I took that route."

After visiting HRC's website, Maria discovered the clinic was conducting a clinical trial, admitting women up to age 42 at a discounted rate. She was also impressed with HRC Fertility's IVF success rates, which she researched online at SART, the Society of Assisted Reproductive Technologies.

Maria attended a seminar to learn more and met Dr. David Tourgeman, who managed her participation in the study. Though her participation was not successful becuase of the trial's limitations, she had the opportunity to freeze embryos. Maria subsequently decided to transfer to HRC Fertility's Pasadena office under the care of Dr. Jeffrey Nelson.

"I knew Dr. Nelson was a good match for me. I'm a numbers person and liked how he described my chances of getting pregnant, which were very slim. But I appreciated his candor and patient, kind-hearted manner. Based on his advice, I decided to transfer the three best of my nine frozen embryos. The eggs were retrieved when I was 43. I was shocked, but overjoyed, when I found out I was pregnant at age 44 with Arianna, who was born on February 26," explained Maria.

Like many women, Maria acknowledges she through she had more time to get pregnant. "In Hollywood, you see all these women getting pregnant in their mid 40s. Many probably used donor eggs, but most people don't realize that. After every miscarriage, I felt farther away from reaching my goal of having a healthy baby. As a statistician, I new the odds for women my age were against me. I felt confident with Dr. Nelson, however, because he approached IVF as both an art and a science and went the extra mile to learn the cause of my miscarriages versus simply assuming they were due to my age."

Based on her experience, Maria advises younger women to freeze their eggs. But if that's not possible, she hopes other patients don't give up and understand they may havfe to pursue several cycles of IVF to statistically beat the odds. "Every failure will get you closer to your goal," she reminisced. Maria feels infertility has allowed her to fully appreciate her new life as a mother of two beautiful daughters. She is very grateful to both Dr. Tourgeman and Dr. Nelson and everyone on their teams, including the embryologists who helped her cope with both the medical and emotional aspects of infertility and create her miracle baby.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

It was a long journey for us to conceive our little girl, but worth all of it! At 34 and after two major back surgeries, my baby just wasn't functioning as it should. We saw several other MDs prior to going to Dr. Nelson, who was recommended by a friend who was also a patient. I had left the other doctor's office in tears and feelings of helplessness. But Dr. Nelson listened and genuinely cared.

We went through several procedures, monitoring and tests to determine our "issue" with conceiving. Then we went for it and we were pregnant--with TWINS! 12 weeks in we found out we had lost one, but were still thankful for the other baby. The following week we found out we had lost the other baby. We were crushed. Dr. Nelson gave us our time to grieve and then met with us to schedule our D&C. When we were ready, we saw Dr. Nelson again and started over with what needed to be done. We were over the moon excited to conceive.

We had a beautiful healthy baby girl, and couldn't ask for more. I also have to say his assistant Addiline is fantastic. With emails and coordinating everything, and allowing us time to make a decision was icing on the cake. Now, as we want to start plans for baby #2, I have no hesitations about calling Dr. Nelson and Addiline at HRC Fertility because I know I will be given the best care.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

  Dr. Nelson & HRC gave us hope and helped us conceive a beautiful baby girl!   After we struggled for three years with infertility, our OB-GYN recommended us to Dr. Nelson, and we couldn't be more grateful for the recommendation!  When we met Dr. Nelson for a consultation, we immediately felt comfortable working with him -- he listened, took notes, paid attention to details, didn't rush us, and most importantly, we felt he cared about our situation and us.  As we went through the ups and downs of the IVF process, we felt we were in the best hands.  I would say Dr. Nelson is definitely a perfectionist, and with each medical screening, test, and procedure, we saw him evaluate the situation at hand, communicate his analysis, and then determine the best approach based on our discussions in order to reach our goal in the safest possible manner.  We never felt rushed, and he always explained the processes and situations in a manner we could understand.   Through our medical testing with our OB-GYN and Dr. Nelson, we determined that the only way we would be able to become pregnant was through the iVF process (the IUI procedure would not work based on our circumstances). During our infertility and pregnancy, Dr. Nelson discovered I only have half of a uterus (which is extremely rare), but through testing and analysis we were able to plan a safe IVF approach for both myself and our baby.  This approach was extremly helpful for our OB-GYN to know during my pregnancy and for our delivery (if our baby were breeched, which she ended up being, we would be required to have a c-section since the baby could not be flipped safely in such small quarters).   Dr. Nelson's staff (Germaine and Addiline), Dr. Koch (the anesthesiologist for multiple surgeries), and all the phlebotomists were exceptional!!!!  We were so grateful for their assistance during the process, and by the end of our journey, they felt like family to us.  It meant so much to me and my family to have people who truly cared and made sure I was taken care of.  I am terrified of medical procedures and have had negative experiences in the past with general anesthesia and blood work.  When I told Germaine and Dr. Nelson that I had fears, they had Dr. Koch call me to walk me through the process he would be performing and to discuss the concerns I had.  Germaine then scheduled an appointment for me to walk through the room where I would have my egg retrieval and answered all my questions.  Before I went under general anesthesia, a nurse held my hand to make sure I felt comfortable, and then Germaine went above and beyond and met me after my surgery so that I could have a familiar face to wake up next to.     During our journey, we decided with Dr. Nelson that it would be safest for our situation to only implant one embryo during each of our embryo transfers (instead of "the standard" two or three embryos) since I only had half of a uterus (this approach reduced our chances of becoming pregnant, but ensured a safer process for both myself and our baby).  Our first attempt was, unfortunately, not successful, but Dr. Nelson reviewed the process, reviewed the results, and made adjustments so that the second attempt we would become pregnant. We, unfortunately, lost the baby at eight weeks due to chromosonal abnormalities that, based on our situation, we couldn't test for in advance.  Dr. Nelson and his team were extremely helpful during the loss and were sensitive to our needs. Whenever we had questions about whether we should continue on and if this process would all work out, we felt Dr Nelson was very honest with us. After our loss, he worked with us for our third attempt -- which ended in success!  It was bitter sweet when we graduated from HRC at the end of the first trimester because we missed seeing our "HRC family" multiple times a week.  My husband, mother, and I would drive over an hour several times a week for about a year for our HRC appointments, but we didn't mind because we trusted and loved the HRC staff.   Infertility was a challenge, but Dr. Nelson and his team provided us with hope and supported us through the ups and downs of the journey.  My husband and I could not have asked for a better fertility team than Dr. Nelson's. We now have a beautiful three-week-old daughter that we are so grateful for, and we wouldn't change our journey, or the HRC family who helped us get here, for anything!     Thank you HRC & Dr. Nelson!           

Sarah Sawyer
Sunday, 13 March 2016

After asking Kaiser to do surgery for a minor problem that inhibits the ability to get pregnant, Kaiser turned me down saying it was considered an "infertility" issue and not covered. I found Dr Kolb and he did the surgery. My husband and I continued with Dr Kolb and the clinic. On a major follow-up, Dr Kolb came into our conference room with carefully folded tissues in his hand, and he had a look on his face like a smiley cupcake. He announced "you are pregnant", and nonchalantly handed me the tissues as I cried with joy. My husband did not cry. He just starred at the pregnancy test with eyes wide open in astonishment. I could not ask for a better result or a better doctor. 

Thursday, 25 June 2015

I was a patient of HRC in 2004 and 2008. The staff is excellent and especially Dr. Jeffery Nelson. I am the mother of 3 healthy boys, a set of twins 8 years old and a 4 year old son. With God and the help of HRC my dreams of becoming a mother came true. I couldn't imaging my life without my children in it.   Thank you Dr. Nelson and the HRC Staff.

Casceil Beckom
IVF Works
Saturday, 13 July 2013

Dr. Kolb is the best Fertility Doctor.  He was so patient and kind with us and his nurses are amazing as well.  We did one IVF cycle and couldn't believe that it worked on the 1st try.  I still stare at my daughter with wonder and joy.  She is our miracle baby and we are eternally thankful to Dr. Kolb and his staff.  We're already thinking about our next treatment and can't wait to add to our little family tribe.  Thank you Dr. Kolb! Best, Happy parents to baby girl

Happy HRC Baby Parents!
Monday, 22 April 2013

I can't thank Dr. Wilcox enough! I had two IVF cycles that I did not get pregnant from. Both cycles were done 2011 with a different doctor that left their clinic.  I then transfered to Dr. Wilcox and did a FET cycle and now I'm 31 weeks pregnant at the age of 38! Him and his staff took me step by step and ANY questions or concerns were answered.  The treatment is outstanding! My husband and I will be back again and there is no question as to what Dr. we will use.  Thank you Dr. Wilcox!

Pauleen Atkinson
Wednesday, 17 April 2013