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Take a second to read about our patients and their experiences while going through treatments at Huntington Reproductive Center.

Dr. Frederick and the staff at HRC was amazing! I had been struggling with fertility issues for years, going to different doctors and even having surgery! In my initial consultation with Dr. Frederick she was able to diagnose the problem and I was pregnant within 5 months...with twins! Dr. Frederick was so helpful, always available when I had questions or concerns and the staff was so nice. My husband and I just had the best experience at HRC and we couldn't be happier with the results... We have two beautiful babies to prove it!   Thank you,  Amanda Hall
Amanda Hall
Thursday, 22 August 2013

I was a patient of HRC in 2004 and 2008. The staff is excellent and especially Dr. Jeffery Nelson. I am the mother of 3 healthy boys, a set of twins 8 years old and a 4 year old son. With God and the help of HRC my dreams of becoming a mother came true. I couldn't imaging my life without my children in it.   Thank you Dr. Nelson and the HRC Staff.

Casceil Beckom
IVF Works
Saturday, 13 July 2013

After several visits to specialists and several disappointments over several years, my husband and I did not want to give up on our promise to be parents.  We knew that there had to be a way, a place and a doctor that would understand our situation.  We prayed for several years, as did our family and friends that we would be blessed with a child. On a weekend, I was skimming through the channels, came upon the Little Couple, (which I had never watched before) who happen to be at an HRC Clinic.  I looked HRC up, and the following week (November 2011) we were in a seminar hosted by Dr. Potter.  I saw Dr. Frederick and told my husband she is our doctor. Through our process, Dr. Frederick, her nurse Janet and then Behnaz, were amazing.  Helpful in every aspect of our process and answered every single question, sometimes twice.  Their Newport Beach Facility is awesome, with a professional and friendly staff.  My husband and I are the blessed and smitten parents of a healthy, amazing, happy baby boy (born Feb 2013).  Our home is full of a babies laugh, his cry, every baby gadget, toys and happy parents who can't get enough of their baby...We look forward to using HRC again...We thank God for our baby boy and HRC...

Blesses HRC Parents
Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Thank you Dr. Potter for giving us a second chance to conceive. We were about 10 years too late in having babies, but you gave us a renewed life. April and Tiffany have blessed our lives from the very day of their birth on January 29, 2003. There were times when I thought to myself "am I too old for this" but I have you to thank for giving us hope and faith in the process of parenting. Sincerely, Annetta

We were given a second chance
Thursday, 13 June 2013
After two miscarriages and a history of unexplained fertility issues, my husband and I were ready to look into finding a good RE and we found one at the Fertility Info. Night with Dr. Frederick at Laguna Hills HRC (highly recommend info. night to get an idea of different prodecures/processes available and meet the doctors and staff!). Dr. Frederick and her staff were AMAZING! They were always patient with our endless questions and concerns. I could call the office, email/text my nurse or leave a message for Dr. Frederick to answer my question whatever it was. The entire staff there was so sweet and supposrtive-they really made us feel at home in the office every time we came in. After trying several different approaches that didn't work out for us, we finally felt comfortable enough to go ahead with a cycle of IVF (it was always made available as an option to us, but we never felt like it was pushed on us) and we were successful with our very first IVF cycle! I felt like the entire staff there was excited for us when we finally got that positive pregnancy result back! Great experience and we will definitely return there if we decide to add another little one to our family in the future!
HRC Mom-to-Be
Great Experience!
Wednesday, 12 June 2013

My Story: My husband and I had beent trying to have a child for five years and we had not been successful. During the last three years I had done artificial insemination several times and they had failed. According to the doctor (not Dr. Tourgeman) my husband and I did not have any medical reason as to why I was not getting pregnant. The last procedure that I had left would be IVF. I waited until I was 35 years old as I thought I would get pregnant on my own. At the beginning of 2012 I researched online and came across great recommendations for Dr. Tourgeman at the Encino office. I made an appointment we met him and we felt very comfortable talking to him. He is very restpectful and caring and he told us the game plan and we agreed. I did one round of IVF with two inseminations. I did not get pregnant at that time but 3 months later I got pregnant. I wanted to let Dr. Tourgeman know that I think that the IVF procedure and the uterine scraping helped my body to get a jump start to get pregnant. My baby was born January 29, 2013. Thank you for helping us to start up our family!      

Darda Velasco
Friday, 31 May 2013

We had the best and amazing experiance with HRC and Dr. Jane Frederick - We are trying for almost 5 years to have a baby but we were unable. Frist Time we was with Loma Linda Dr. John D. Jacobson, MD and we was realy disappointed - they didn't do all the test they should do and we had an assistant instead of Dr. Jacobson - We had an insemination but no luck - stuff was cold - rooms very uncomfortable - and we had the feeling they dont really care. Than we looked on the Internet and also saw HRC on TV ( little couple) and we meet Dr. Frederick. Our chances of getting pregnant was 80%. My Husband sperm is to slow. After one cycle of IVF. I was pregnant. It was the best day of our lives when Dr. Frederick called and gave us the good news. The staff of HRC at Laguna Hills is just wonderful. Dr. Frederick and the RN are so amazing. We say thank you for the great help - we looking forward have our baby in 19 Jan 2013 Frank and Stefanie

Frank Noqack
Thursday, 23 May 2013

Dr. Kolb is the best Fertility Doctor.  He was so patient and kind with us and his nurses are amazing as well.  We did one IVF cycle and couldn't believe that it worked on the 1st try.  I still stare at my daughter with wonder and joy.  She is our miracle baby and we are eternally thankful to Dr. Kolb and his staff.  We're already thinking about our next treatment and can't wait to add to our little family tribe.  Thank you Dr. Kolb! Best, Happy parents to baby girl

Happy HRC Baby Parents!
Monday, 22 April 2013

I can't thank Dr. Wilcox enough! I had two IVF cycles that I did not get pregnant from. Both cycles were done 2011 with a different doctor that left their clinic.  I then transfered to Dr. Wilcox and did a FET cycle and now I'm 31 weeks pregnant at the age of 38! Him and his staff took me step by step and ANY questions or concerns were answered.  The treatment is outstanding! My husband and I will be back again and there is no question as to what Dr. we will use.  Thank you Dr. Wilcox!

Pauleen Atkinson
Wednesday, 17 April 2013
We chose HRC & Dr. Nelson for our fertility treatments this past spring. We went through 2 IUI cycles & 1 IVF. The IVF was successful and we are now 25 weeks pregnant. Everything is going great and by all accounts the baby is looking very healthy! Dr. Nelson, Germaine, & Addiline were so accommodating and supportive; their responsiveness and patience made us feel comfortable with the decisions about treatments and course of action we took.  Germaine, Addiline, and the nursing staff at HRC were, without exception, knowledgeable and extremely clear in their instruction and responses to questions. Kimberly, in the billing office, worked diligently to coordinate benefits with our insurance, explained out-of-pocket expenses, and found efficiencies and opportunities for us financially. We thoroughly appreciated the expertise, professionalism, and bedside manner of Dr. Nelson.  In all interactions, Dr. Nelson was friendly and supportive, and this did not detract from the fact that he took his job very seriously. It is his equal parts warmth and commitment to excellence that sets Dr. Nelson apart from many other health care professionals. We were always confident he was advising us to the most appropriate types of treatments and we trusted his opinions. Ultimately it was Dr. Nelson’s combination of science and artistry that resulted in our little miracle due in April!  
Serafina P.
Wednesday, 09 January 2013