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Take a second to read about our patients and their experiences while going through treatments at Huntington Reproductive Center.

I was finally refered to Dr. Coffler at HRC fertility after a year of being told by other doctors that there was nothing wrong with my fertility. Dr. Coffler immediatly was able to diagnose that there was indded a problem. We tried a few months of medicated cycles but were unsuccessful. Dr. Coffler wasted no time letting us know that our best chance at pregnancy would be IVF due to our circumstances. Due to the timing we were moving to TX during our planned cycle. Dr. Coffler and his team were able to walk me through everythig that needed to happen before my return to CA for the procedure. I returned to CA the week prior to our IVF date and began in office monitoring. Every thing went very smoothly and by the end of the week they had harvested my eggs. Dr. Coffler and his team sucessfully created 10 embryos for us. Of which 2 were implanted. I followed all of Dr. Cofflers orders and a week later it was confirmed I was indeed pregnant. Dr. Coffler called a few times to check on my progress as I had moved to TX following implantation. I am very happy to report that I just gave birth to a perfect baby boy!!! I look forward to returning to CA in the near future to once again work with Dr. Coffler and his team to use the 2 embryos they were able to freeze  and hopefully will be blessed with a sibling for our baby.  I would highly recommed HRC fertility for their expertise and excellent prices. 

Kirsten Vyoral
Dr. Coffler
Tuesday, 04 March 2014
Thank you guys so much for making this such a smooth and comfortable ride for my husband and I. You guys have been amazing!   Thank you once again!
Donna C.
Dr. Jane Frederick
Monday, 03 February 2014
My husband and I tried for 3 years, went through 6 IUI's, 1 failed IVF attempt, 1 failed frozen ebryo transfer, a 2nd trimester pregnancy loss, and 2 IVF Dr.'s before we found Dr. Boostanfar.  He found a uterine septum that had been missed by two previous Dr.'s and I was so grateful that he took the time to diagnose that first before going ahead with an IVF cycle right away.  I had a procedure to remove the septum and then went forward with a "freeze all" IVF cycle where we waited one whole cycle in between retrieval and transfer.  I tended to overstimulate in previous cycles so this protocol gave my body a chance to calm down a bit after hormones so essentially, I then had a frozen embryo transfer.  I got pregnant that first try , and now have 6 month old beautiful twin baby boys!!!  We went to both the Westlake Village office and the Encino office and the staff and nurses at both offices were so friendly and so professional.  Even the billing and financial coordinators were so on top of it and thorough...explaining everything throughout the whole process.  Dr. B was so awesome and easy to talk to.  He was so optimistic and even with all I had been was I b/c he made my husband and I feel so comfortable.  I highly recommend Dr. Boostanfar and will be going back IF and when we decide that our boys need a sibling;)
Erika C.
Friday, 10 January 2014

I did ivf with Doctor Potter in Fullerton.  I loved the staff and Janet is really helpful:) Dr. Potter is the best.. I thank God he put me in good hands.. I did one cycle of ivf, got pregnant with twins, and I had my boy and girl:)  I would recommend Dr. Potter  to everyone that has infertility issues.    I have block tubes and endometriosis.  I did 6 iui's at kaiser with no success    


Thursday, 09 January 2014
I cannot thank you guys enough for all you did! Together you guys made our Miracle a reality and for that we will always be thankful!  Kimmy
Kimmy T.
Dr. Jane Frederick
Tuesday, 07 January 2014

  My husband and I tried for almost 2 years to get pregnant. After about a year of trying at age 37 1/2, we decided that we needed to be more proactive.  I started seeing a chinese doctor for an herbal concoction tea and accupuncture.  I noticed a difference in my periods within 2 months and we thought it would be just a matter of time before we got pregnant.  We did the traditional chinese medicine for 6 months and then decided to look into IVF.  Made the appointment with Dr. Coffler in Oceanside and we both left the appointment confident in Dr. Coffler.  I also did research regarding the stastics on fertility centers in the United States and was convinced that HRC is leading the way in fertility. The Oceanside clinic uses the established Newport, CA lab which was also reassuring to me.  I had heard from friends in the medical field that the "lab" is where the science happens and it should be state of the art, and the Newport lab is.   I got pregnant on my first round of IVF (currently 23 weeks and healthy), with amazing results.  Something like 21 eggs and after the PGD testing we have 12 solid embryos.  I also had zero problems with the fertility drugs, it was a breeze for me and I absolutely attribute part of amazing results to the chinese herbs preparing my body beforehand. Dr. Coffler is a straight forward with a sence of humor competent doctor.  I felt safe, confident and possitive under his care. I would encourage anyone who is struggling with the monthly roller coaster of emotions too seek out HRC fertility.  

Thursday, 05 December 2013

I highly recommend Dr Frederick to anyone considering fertility treatments. We tried for over a year to get pregnant thinking we were both perfectly healthy and having children would be easy. She figured out the problem and we got pregnant with twins on our first IVF cycle. The process had several up and downs and Dr Frederick was always there to hold my hand and listen to my concerns. Thanks to her we now have two beautiful little girls. Dr Frederick will always be part of our extended family !

twin mom
Wednesday, 06 November 2013

Thanks to Dr. Potter we are proud parants of happy, healthy 9 month old triplets, with 5 embroys left frozen! Thank you Dr. Pottor and HRC!

The Kennedy Triplets
Friday, 06 September 2013

What a wonderful experience I have had at the Newport Beach Office.  I have been working with Dr. Frederick and have had to go to the office many times over the last couple of months. Lisette, Leilani, and Susana at the front desk at the Newport Beach office have been wonderful. It can often be a stressful experience to engage in the fertility process and these women made me feel at home every time I walked in the door.  They were always friendly, helpful and pleasant.    I would also like to mention that Karla was also a pleasure to work with.  As a person who gets very anxious going to doctors, Karla was calming and professional.  I have also enjoyed working with Behnaz, who is the coordinator  for Dr. Frederick. Overall, I have had a great experience at HRC Newport Beach and I wanted to make sure I passed on this information.    

April Castañeda
Tuesday, 03 September 2013

My partner and I were seeing another doctor in another infertility facility and went through 3 unsuccessful cycles of IUI.  We never had a connection firsts ur first fertility doctor.  Then, a friend of mine recommended me to look into HRC in Encino.  She had gotten pregnant twice by IUI with her doctor at HRC, so I figured it was worth looking into.  I attended one of the free seminars and Dr. Feinman was the presenter.  He explained everything so clearly and he was very informative about infertility treatments.  Right away my partner and I knew we have found the right doctor for us.  We scheduled a consultation with Dr. Feinman.  We saw Dr. Feinman for a consultation and we decided to go through the IVF process.  A month later, my pregnancy test came back positive.  I couldn't believe it!!  My dream finally came true. I would highly recommend seeing Dr. Feinman.  Not only is he the best infertility doctor, he's also very caring and genuinely cares about his patients.  The HRC staff is also great.  

Excited Mom to Be
Thursday, 29 August 2013