We had the best and amazing experiance with HRC and Dr. Jane Frederick - We are trying for almost 5 years to have a baby but we were unable. Frist Time we was with Loma Linda Dr. John D. Jacobson, MD and we was realy disappointed - they didn't do all the test they should do and we had an assistant instead of Dr. Jacobson - We had an insemination but no luck - stuff was cold - rooms very uncomfortable - and we had the feeling they dont really care. Than we looked on the Internet and also saw HRC on TV ( little couple) and we meet Dr. Frederick. Our chances of getting pregnant was 80%. My Husband sperm is to slow. After one cycle of IVF. I was pregnant. It was the best day of our lives when Dr. Frederick called and gave us the good news. The staff of HRC at Laguna Hills is just wonderful. Dr. Frederick and the RN are so amazing. We say thank you for the great help - we looking forward have our baby in 19 Jan 2013 Frank and Stefanie frank-nh@gmx.de

Frank Noqack
Thursday, 23 May 2013