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Take a second to read about our patients and their experiences while going through treatments at Huntington Reproductive Center.

It was a long journey for us to conceive our little girl, but worth all of it! At 34 and after two major back surgeries, my baby just wasn't functioning as it should. We saw several other MDs prior to going to Dr. Nelson, who was recommended by a friend who was also a patient. I had left the other doctor's office in tears and feelings of helplessness. But Dr. Nelson listened and genuinely cared.

We went through several procedures, monitoring and tests to determine our "issue" with conceiving. Then we went for it and we were pregnant--with TWINS! 12 weeks in we found out we had lost one, but were still thankful for the other baby. The following week we found out we had lost the other baby. We were crushed. Dr. Nelson gave us our time to grieve and then met with us to schedule our D&C. When we were ready, we saw Dr. Nelson again and started over with what needed to be done. We were over the moon excited to conceive.

We had a beautiful healthy baby girl, and couldn't ask for more. I also have to say his assistant Addiline is fantastic. With emails and coordinating everything, and allowing us time to make a decision was icing on the cake. Now, as we want to start plans for baby #2, I have no hesitations about calling Dr. Nelson and Addiline at HRC Fertility because I know I will be given the best care.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

I really appreciate all the help from Dr. Frederick. She is very responsible since our New patient consultation. Through all the emails, phone calls between us, she relieved all my concerns. During the whole cycle time, she always updates me with any progress.

I am not very good at English, so not be able to express a lot to her, but she is a very good doctor. If any patient asks me, I will recommend her. Thanks again for your dedicate work. Wish you the best!

Jie Song
Friday, 02 December 2016

Dear Dr. Boostanfar, Jennifer, Latisha, Shinise and the entire staff at HRC Encino.

We wanted to say "Thank You" for making our dreams come true.  You have truly given us the hope we needed to build our little family.  We are so thankful to have met you and have been in your care. We are so happy with our experience and can't wait to welcome our little baby into this world.

Thank you again!!

Proud Encino Patient
Wednesday, 30 November 2016

After trying for almost 3 years to get pregnant and finally being diagnosed with PCOS, my old gynocologist referred my husbad and I to Dr. Norian.  We couldn't have asked for a better fertility doctor.  He is very compassionate, thorough, answered all our questions perfectly and was available at any time we needed an answer.  His staff is just as wonderful.

We successfully got pregnant through our second cycle of IVF.  Even though the first cycle was unsucessful, Dr. Norian remained optomistic during the second cycle. We now have a beautiful baby boy that was born June, 27, 2016.  He is our miracle thanks to God and the help of Dr. Norian.

Leah Lopez
Friday, 05 August 2016

Our wonderful son Michael was born February 21, 2016.  It is a joy we almost didn’t get to experience if it wasn’t for the help of Dr. Potter and his staff at HRC.

For six years we were trying and hoping for a baby, but it just didn’t come.  After trying all of the conservative methods of assistance getting pregnant, we met with Dr. Potter.  Dr. Potter’s reassurance and confidence that we would have a baby were a bit hard to swallow at first, but he was sincere.  It’s not easy to put all your trust in someone else’s hands—for something you want so bad—but we were out of options.

For us, our son didn’t come easy.  We started with medications, then a failed IUI, and a miscarriage on the first attempt at IVF.  When we were ready to give up, Dr. Potter continued to give us options.  On our second attempt at IVF we were walking on eggshells.  That waiting period to hear “you’re pregnant” is excruciating.  Then, you hear those magic words but you still hold your breath hoping it doesn’t end in another heartbreak.

Dr. Potter and his staff (especially Natalija!) stood by us every step of the way, celebrating milestones in the pregnancy until our son was finally born.  Now, almost four months later, our little miracle is still surreal.  We’re still trying to get a full night’s sleep with this one, but when the time comes to try again, we would trust no one else other than HRC.

James & Veronica
Tuesday, 14 June 2016

I would like to thank Dr. Boostanfar and his staff. I came across Dr. B through a friend, we went with first round of IVF without waiting anytime. Today I am blessed with a beautiful, healthy and happy baby girl.

Dr. B adviced me to freeze my embryos and that was one of the best decisions we ever made. Please listen to your Dr's. I got pregnant right after first round of IVF.

They took such a good care of me. Dr. B is very friendly and has an amazing smile that makes anyone comfortable. I felt sad and didn't want to graduate from HRC. Lol I love this place and would return for another baby. If a chicken like me who is scared of needles and dr's can go through IVF so easily, anyone can. Dr Boostanfer is the best and his Asst nurse Leticia and acupuncturist Dr. Shin Di . Thank you all!

Dr Boostanfer
Saturday, 14 May 2016

  Dr. Nelson & HRC gave us hope and helped us conceive a beautiful baby girl!   After we struggled for three years with infertility, our OB-GYN recommended us to Dr. Nelson, and we couldn't be more grateful for the recommendation!  When we met Dr. Nelson for a consultation, we immediately felt comfortable working with him -- he listened, took notes, paid attention to details, didn't rush us, and most importantly, we felt he cared about our situation and us.  As we went through the ups and downs of the IVF process, we felt we were in the best hands.  I would say Dr. Nelson is definitely a perfectionist, and with each medical screening, test, and procedure, we saw him evaluate the situation at hand, communicate his analysis, and then determine the best approach based on our discussions in order to reach our goal in the safest possible manner.  We never felt rushed, and he always explained the processes and situations in a manner we could understand.   Through our medical testing with our OB-GYN and Dr. Nelson, we determined that the only way we would be able to become pregnant was through the iVF process (the IUI procedure would not work based on our circumstances). During our infertility and pregnancy, Dr. Nelson discovered I only have half of a uterus (which is extremely rare), but through testing and analysis we were able to plan a safe IVF approach for both myself and our baby.  This approach was extremly helpful for our OB-GYN to know during my pregnancy and for our delivery (if our baby were breeched, which she ended up being, we would be required to have a c-section since the baby could not be flipped safely in such small quarters).   Dr. Nelson's staff (Germaine and Addiline), Dr. Koch (the anesthesiologist for multiple surgeries), and all the phlebotomists were exceptional!!!!  We were so grateful for their assistance during the process, and by the end of our journey, they felt like family to us.  It meant so much to me and my family to have people who truly cared and made sure I was taken care of.  I am terrified of medical procedures and have had negative experiences in the past with general anesthesia and blood work.  When I told Germaine and Dr. Nelson that I had fears, they had Dr. Koch call me to walk me through the process he would be performing and to discuss the concerns I had.  Germaine then scheduled an appointment for me to walk through the room where I would have my egg retrieval and answered all my questions.  Before I went under general anesthesia, a nurse held my hand to make sure I felt comfortable, and then Germaine went above and beyond and met me after my surgery so that I could have a familiar face to wake up next to.     During our journey, we decided with Dr. Nelson that it would be safest for our situation to only implant one embryo during each of our embryo transfers (instead of "the standard" two or three embryos) since I only had half of a uterus (this approach reduced our chances of becoming pregnant, but ensured a safer process for both myself and our baby).  Our first attempt was, unfortunately, not successful, but Dr. Nelson reviewed the process, reviewed the results, and made adjustments so that the second attempt we would become pregnant. We, unfortunately, lost the baby at eight weeks due to chromosonal abnormalities that, based on our situation, we couldn't test for in advance.  Dr. Nelson and his team were extremely helpful during the loss and were sensitive to our needs. Whenever we had questions about whether we should continue on and if this process would all work out, we felt Dr Nelson was very honest with us. After our loss, he worked with us for our third attempt -- which ended in success!  It was bitter sweet when we graduated from HRC at the end of the first trimester because we missed seeing our "HRC family" multiple times a week.  My husband, mother, and I would drive over an hour several times a week for about a year for our HRC appointments, but we didn't mind because we trusted and loved the HRC staff.   Infertility was a challenge, but Dr. Nelson and his team provided us with hope and supported us through the ups and downs of the journey.  My husband and I could not have asked for a better fertility team than Dr. Nelson's. We now have a beautiful three-week-old daughter that we are so grateful for, and we wouldn't change our journey, or the HRC family who helped us get here, for anything!     Thank you HRC & Dr. Nelson!           

Sarah Sawyer
Sunday, 13 March 2016

I was very happy under the care of Dr. Jane Frederick. My husband and I came to HRC due to his karyotype issue, and, with Dr. Frederick’s help, were successful getting pregnant with twins. Initially, we were unfamiliar with the U.S. medical system and felt unsure about coming to the U.S. for treatment, but Dr. Frederick assured and calmed us throughout the process. We would like to thank Dr. Frederick and her entire staff who helped us throughout this process.

Right now I am five months pregnant and can’t wait to meet my babies! Everything is going great with the pregnancy, and the babies are healthy and developing.

Thank you again Dr. Frederick!

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Dr. Boostanfar gave our family the gift of a healthy baby boy. Our first child was conceived naturally and was born healthy without complications. Our second child was born with severe kidney defects and passed away at only two months of age. We suffered multiple miscarriages over the next year and then sought the help of Dr. Boostanfar in getting pregnant. He was so kind and understanding and gave us such hope that we could have another child. He didn't rush into IVF with us and we underwent diagnostics and procedures over the course of several months to be best prepared for our first IVF cycle.  I am so glad he put us in the best possible position for IVF success.

We now have a healthy baby boy and we could not be more grateful.  Dr. Boostanfar had such a positive outlook during the entire process, and it was reassuring to know that we had chosen a very capable specialist in our journey to grow our family.

Kimberly Barbato
Sunday, 06 December 2015

As a 38-year-old single woman who had alawys wanted to be a mom, I realized that my window of opportunity was closing and that I either needed to try to have a baby on my own or be okay with not having children.

I couldn't give up on my dream of having children, so I went to one of Dr. Frederick's seminars and scheduled an appointment. After reviewing my lab results, Dr. Frederick suggested that I go through IVF with PGS. I'm incredibly thankful and happy that I took her advice. Out of the six eggs she retrieved, four fertilized and just three made it to genetic testing. Of the three embryos that were tested, only one was normal. I was obviously ecstatic when I found out I was pregnant--even more surprised when I found out during an ultrasound that my one embryo had split twice and I was pregnant with identical TRIPLETS!

There are no words to describe how grateful I am to Dr. Frederick for giving me the gift of my precious girls, and for giving my girls the gift of each other. I am also extremely appreciative of the positive, compassionate and encouraging care I received from Dr. Frederick and everyone at HRC Fertility.

Thursday, 08 October 2015